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Fan Art: To The Moon



Now that the convention-going season has wrapped up for me, I'm going to break step with tradition a little bit here, and post the art-prints  that were for sale at the shows. 

This fun little number is called To the Moon, featuring a humanized ver. of everyone's favorite Pony Princess of the Night- Luna.

Ever since the launch of the Roan RPG, my good friend Clear Skies has been kind enough to provide table space for little ol' me, with one minor request- Create a bomber-girl ver. of a My Little Pony character to help promote the game.

For this year's Bronycon I decided that I'd go with Luna, mostly because the slogan of "To the Moon" felt like a very bomber-girl thing to say, and well Moon... Luna...? 

Meh, you get it...

The pose was actually based on an image of the pro-wrestler Naomi (of WWE fame) and I did little to alter it, as I wanted to retain as much of her energy in the photo as possible.

The most fun/interesting bit of trivia I have about this image though is that the star-field in her hair is actually a layer mask of The Horse Head Nebula, because Ponies... Horse Head...?

Meh, you get it...

Overall I'm pleased with how the piece came out, and I hope you all dig the results as well!

The line art was created using Micron pens for the inks on 9 x 12 Bristol Board, while the colors where rendered using the digital art program Krita.

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