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Commission: The V Slahsers



This foxy duo was from an over-the-top pro-wrestling tabletop RPG my brother GM'ed for us back in 2017, to which my good friend :iconmh47e: commissioned this piece when the first season of games finished.

Clear made no bones about it that he was highly inspired by the likes of Heidern (of King of Fighters fame) when it came to creating his character, except he imagined him as a cruiser-weight fox-man named Magnum Fox.

Escorted by the equally lovely and deadly Gunnery Sgt. Jade, Magnum Fox was able to lay claim to the title, after scoring ten grueling victories over several colorful and crazy wrestlers.

There's a lot more wackiness to it, but I won't waste your time with all that.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased with the final results, and I intend to color this digitally, I do want to render the rest of the cast from the game in the near future as well.

Hope you all dig it!
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Ai yai yai yaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

...what? This isn't a Jojo pose?