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RGB Coefficient Colorization Test by N64Mario84 RGB Coefficient Colorization Test :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 9 0 Silly Little MegaMan Game Engine Prototype Screens by N64Mario84 Silly Little MegaMan Game Engine Prototype Screens :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 5 2 Archie Comics Casual Rock by N64Mario84 Archie Comics Casual Rock :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 13 0 Mega Man Improved Pause Menu for a Game Engine by N64Mario84 Mega Man Improved Pause Menu for a Game Engine :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 10 2 NES Palettes - Mega Man Edition by N64Mario84 NES Palettes - Mega Man Edition :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 6 0 Mega Man + Friends, in Hungry Robots UPDATE 2/4/15 by N64Mario84 Mega Man + Friends, in Hungry Robots UPDATE 2/4/15 :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 35 14 Irucan The Dolphin by N64Mario84 Irucan The Dolphin :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 17 1 Castle Calamity: The Game - MUGEN Edition by N64Mario84 Castle Calamity: The Game - MUGEN Edition :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 9 6 Dr. Wily with Coat Opened - Artwork Style 8Bit by N64Mario84 Dr. Wily with Coat Opened - Artwork Style 8Bit :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 11 2 MegaMan Universe Tribute in 8-Bit by N64Mario84 MegaMan Universe Tribute in 8-Bit :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 28 3 Yoku Man done with Pixel Blocks by N64Mario84 Yoku Man done with Pixel Blocks :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 9 2 deviantART Pixelated Artwork by N64Mario84 deviantART Pixelated Artwork :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 11 18 Death of a Father by N64Mario84 Death of a Father :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 20 6 Big Bertha, Cheep Chomp by N64Mario84 Big Bertha, Cheep Chomp :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 9 1 Mega Man Style Platform Engine by N64Mario84 Mega Man Style Platform Engine :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 14 9 MegaMan - Rush Jet Mini-Game by N64Mario84 MegaMan - Rush Jet Mini-Game :iconn64mario84:N64Mario84 11 7


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RGB Coefficient Colorization Test
This is an experimental script for a fan game I am going to work on, using Clickteam Fusions RGB Coefficient command instead of their "so called old, outdated, expensive" Color Replace feature. As the Clickteam staff moves on to develop Fusion 3 from scratch, a lot of the older features/commands will be absent. RGB Coefficient seems to be the only alternative we have at this point.
This is the result of my experiences of RGB Coefficient colorization for pixel art based classic games.

Created with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer. version.

What is RGB Coefficient?
- The RGB coefficient script works just like a "multiply" effect. Basically, each of the components of the original color is remapped from [0-255] to [0.0-1.0], and then this is multiplied by the corresponding RGB Coefficient value.

Why are the graphics white?
- The sprites are separated into multiple object layers.  These layers are then colored completely white. They act as masks to obtain the most accurate color possible through color manipulation when the game script is running.
White: (R-255,G-255,B-255) = (1.0, 1.0, 1.0. So if you multiply anything by 1.0, it will stay the same.
Black: (R-0,G-0,B-0) = (0.0, 0.0, 0.0). So multiplying anything by 0.0, it will be 0, which means no color change.
- Example: So if we have an object with color R-255,G-255,B-255, we set the RGB coefficient of said object to R-50,G-100,B-200, the object will appear with the exact values we set. In this case, it will be a shade of blue.

So why all the separated sprite layers?
- As stated above, RGB coefficient just multiplies the colors of a single object. If this object already has multiple shades of colors, those colors will be multiplied by the new values defined by the RGB coefficient script. We need to separate these shades of said object into multiple objects to correctly colorize them in game. This gives us a way to perform accurate color matches from source game, and introduce the option of color swapped layers of a character, such as Mega Man when he obtains a new boss weapon.

Mega Man's color layers:
- Outline: 255,255,255 into 0,0,0 = Black.
  Since the black outline is set to white to begin with, we can change this black color to another color when we need to. Examples include when Mega Man uses a charged weapon shot, his outline glows.
- Color 1: 255,255,255 into 0,112,232 = Blue
- Color 2: 255,255,255 into 0,232,216 = Cyan
- Face: 255,255,255 into 248,216,168 = Peach

I am hoping that Clickteam's Fusion 3 software development tool will continue to use RGB Coefficient as their standard for color manipulation. Considering we will no longer have the outdated 'Replace Color' as an option for the same effect.

I would also like to thank WreckingPrograms for the inspiration of this. He is the creator of Mega Man Maker, as well as his famous fan made Mega Engine for Game Maker Studio. He made a similar script in Game Maker that uses white colored mask objects to do the task that Mega Man is known for.

Silly Little MegaMan Game Engine Prototype Screens
So..... This is like, the 4th or 5th iteration of my Mega Man fan game engine to date. All the Mega Man fan game engines I have made in the past have been screwed up, or pretty much unplayable because of Clickteam's software updates that have fixed/added features to their software development tool.

As the title suggests, this is still very early in game development. The game engine is still missing lot of features before I consider a demo. With that said, this game is pretty much private for the time being. I've given a sample to a few friends. But again, there really isn't much to see than what I have shown here.

My plan is to create a simple Mega Man engine using Clickteam Fusion as the software development tool, as I refuse to use Game Maker. Once the engine is more complete, I would like to start on a system similar to Make a Good MegaMan Level Contest (MaGMML) where fans can submit their levels/robot masters to be featured in a new Mega Man fan game. I would also like to include at least 1 Mega Man Unlimited robot master as a bonus as a tribute to MegaPhilX for his game. But first, I must finish adding in all the important stuff the game engine. I was also considering adding back in one of the levels in my earlier engines as a tribute to the progress I have made in the engine through the years of experience.

- As the options suggest, there will be 20+ different styles of NES colors to choose from, including the RockMan 9 palette, as well as YUV, and some custom made ones.

- The bottom of the options screen is a setting that changes whether you want Mega Man's secondary color to be default Cyan, or Rock Man 9 light blue.

- The thing about the color test screen in the side is for show how layered masking could prevent any kind of color loss that would happen when you attempt to replace colors on a single sprite. This is an issue in Clickteam Fusion software, as the dev apparently "hates" the color replace option, as they prefer the creator to use shaders to give the same effect, which only work on machines compatible with higher end DirectX/Direct3D systems.

- Another interesting thing is how I scripted ladders, which you see in the bottom center image. Usually I would see game engines that require tilesets of ladders to form. In this engine, the ladder is all one solid object from top to bottom, that acts as a semi solid object. Holding up or down at the arrow will extend the ladder to proceed to the next room.

- Along with the regular ladders, I have also added the option to add other climbable objects where you can also climb left or right. Something that you normally can't do on ladders, which you can only climb up or down.

I believe this is going to be a very long project. But I believe that this is going to work this time. As usual, comments are appreciated.
Archie Comics Casual Rock
This is pretty much what Rock looked like in the Archie Comics before he transforms into Mega Man. I decided to make some 8-bit style sprites of this version because I really liked the design of his clothes in it. Who knows, I might use it in a fan game, or something.

RockMan / MegaMan Belongs to Capcom.
Mega Man Improved Pause Menu for a Game Engine
So, this is basically a slightly improved version of the current pause menu of one my my old, discontinued Mega Man game engines. It's been over 10 years since I did the original development of those fan game engines. I am hoping some day to get enough motivation to revive those game engine to a point it becomes a full playable Mega Man game. Or at least start one from scratch, and make improvements over my original Mega Man game engine to make sure everything is in working order.

I've seen a lot of Mega Man fan games pop up. and I'm very aware of WreckingPrograms's very own game engine & Mega Man Maker that's all done entirely with Game Maker Studio. Kudos to WreckingPrograms and his wonderful efforts.  Unfortunately, I REFUSE to use Game Maker as my programming language, so I hope I can get off my laziness and write my very own fully functional Mega Man game that I can understand, and hope to give more available options that no other open source Mega Man Engine have. But that will take some time to develop. So let's just start with this simple revision for the time being.

I have had some thoughts on a fan game title that if I do decide to pick this back up again. Though I am not ready to reveal that info until there is actual work from this year to be shown (Ya know, because no point in getting people's hopes up if there is no work to share). Even though I am already gathering some ideas for it.
NES Palettes - Mega Man Edition
So I've been fiddling around with NES palettes for Mega Man, and I was able to obtain various different sets from various resources.
- The top one is formed from RockMan Complete Works, released in Japan
- The second comes from the palette for RockMan 9. It seems to be the one I've used for most of my custom Mega Man sprites.
- The third one comes from the more recent Mega Man Legacy Collection, the 3DS version colors, specifically.
- The forth palette set at the
bottom is slightly custom edited. Modified from the original RockMan 9 palette to give him his modern day colors, and the brightness is slightly darker than the original as a personal preference.

- Here is a comparison in animated GIF format I made that shows the differences of all the 4 colors.

Doing some more research on NES palettes, I came across this little site, which lists even more sets.…
Not that it matters much though, since the Mega Man ports don't use every single possible set in existence

I just thought this was an interesting find, that throughout all the classic 8-bit games based on the NES format, the colors have been somewhat inconsistent.

For those that may be color blind, you probably won't see any difference. But as a color enthusiast, I actually do see all the various differences between each palette file.

I have a ton more NES palette files I have collected over the years, but these palettes shown here are ones specific to the Mega Man series.
I actually have like 3 to 4 different folders containing various NES palettes. One folder containing general NES Palettes, 2nd folder containing JUST Mega Man variant palettes, and 3rd one that contains 16 palettes from the Famicom Color Palette Wiki page. They are all very good, and have their own unique color styles.

If you would like to try some of the NES Palettes in my collection,  I have uploaded them online.
NES Palette Collection
Includes all the MegaMan based colors, as well as the ones found on the Famicom Color Wiki page.



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