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Submission for Collection 14: Sins and Virtues.

It's in wallpaper format, If you would like other sizes, give me a haller.
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Its in zip file.....How could I set it as my wallpaper?

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Hi ! Wonderfull picture, i'm love it !
What is the max size you can have in stock ? :)
Thanks for your answer !
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1920x1080 thanks! :D
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You said something about other sizes... How about 1600x900? :psychotic:
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Very great work!
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I've been searching for this in a long time. Great work. Tremendous.
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Wow love the colors and the looks great job
Akamx's avatar
amazing, excellent work, thaks
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Great job.. keep it up ;-)
great wall. It would be wonderful if you can release one in 16:10 aspect ratio.
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1920x108 and this is god
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Ooh... I love the use of the colors on the pic, very nice.
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Very very nice, is it possible to have it 1680x1050 ? :)
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zomg this is one of my favorite pieces of artwork ever.
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Would a 1920x1200 be doable?
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Totally faved and became my desktop :D
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awesome, reminds me a pc game called Homeworld :D
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Simply amazing! Love the colors. Very well thought out and executed. Great job! :-)
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I especially love how this lights up my desktop - very nice colors. =]
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Amazing work...very beautiful..!
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