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September 18, 2007
Earth by *N4u2k is a very resting wallpaper. It makes our planet so beautiful... even if there are always pollution, injustices or war as it is represented on the right. A pretty background for every desktop!
Featured by zilla774
Suggested by pickupjojo
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_Earth, as I see it.

This has to be the funnest "throw-together" wallpaper EVER.

A bit of paint here, a bit of stock there, a bit of manipulation here.... and a touch of coolness everywhere.

Oh, Almost forgot. This is for the SSD Collection of wallpapers, which has YET to be released, so if any of you ssdians sell me out to Car, I'll flail you.

More resolutions to follow, as I get requests.

Resolutions available.

1680x1050 |1600X1200 |1440x900 |1280x1024 |1024x768 |800x600.

Thanks For Daily Deviation, Zilla, and to the guy who suggested it, whats its face..umm, too lazy to click back or open a new window.

EDIT: Many thanks to the Chinese government for stealing & printing my work, with no credit.…
© 2007 - 2022 N4u2k
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Tye2000's avatar
the one who stole this image was the Chang'e 3's Rover Called Yutu. He Stole this one
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Bearzhang's avatar
I love it ! Thank you very much !
Paaskehare's avatar
Good job! Would love to see it in 1920x1080!
hallkron's avatar
Timberfleet's avatar
Poor Moscow >.>
febrianariya's avatar
very nice.. i like it :)
FuLL's avatar
chinas rover used it x)
attack193's avatar
Damn man, sorry to hear about China stealing your work! Maybe you can somehow leverage this, however, considering that YOUR art is causing a minor international incident, eh? I mean, not REALLY an international incident, but everyone and there brother is talking about how China is subtly threatening the rest of the world! XD

Anyway, fantastic piece! =D Even if you say that it's thrown together! 
troyboy44's avatar
THE Chinese stole this image and used it as their background photo to launch their moon Rover project. Now YouTube is going crazy over it and using it as a conspiracy theory themed China planned bombing of Russia.
What a way to get publicized ehh?
Stolen from other deviant? got it for couple of years already....
Ignore this my fault fail fail fail xD
madciolevap's avatar
Yeah, China stealing is no news. At least you are now famous - I know about your work ONLY because of its use as backdrop for their lunar rover model. :)

In completely unrelated news, yay new wallpaper. It is funny, as I live in place that is nuked on picture (Europe). If only were 1920x1080 resolution... pretty please??
SaltIrritates's avatar
Might it be that it's not a nuclear attack, but the Chernobyl disaster?
It seems to be close to the right spot if you compare the image with Google Earth.
SaltIrritates's avatar
I'm sorry that the Chinese had to rip off your work.
At least it gets you more views (like mine).

Can you tell me why you chose Europe for the explosion?
Rhyn-Art's avatar
apparently this is going to be a real thing.... nice prediction :lol:
Ha ur pic is causing the conspiracy nuts to go bananas due to china using it. Take it as a compliment and hope that they don't send a crew of midget ninjas to get u over the commi basterds comment lol
DragosOlarV's avatar
Sorry, what I meant to say is (after reading the comments) is get a lawyer and sue theirs asses! Fucking plagiators 
DragosOlarV's avatar
hey N4u2k,

Dig your work! Fantastic job.

You might want to have a look at the chineese using your image mate,…
Middle East,huh???? Don't you think you're a bit off with that location fucktard?!?! That's not the Middle East. LOL
Made a whole potential-mass histeria on the net with this pic now....-_-
lmao at the Chinese 'borrowing it'.....
fletri's avatar
Appears the Chinese like your style.…
andrei030's avatar
1080p no signature, there you go: [link]
aftandel's avatar
Nice work,
What is the licence?
Can I use this in a theme for Themeforest?
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