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Daily Deviation
Daily Deviation
September 18, 2007
Earth by *N4u2k is a very resting wallpaper. It makes our planet so beautiful... even if there are always pollution, injustices or war as it is represented on the right. A pretty background for every desktop!
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_Earth, as I see it.

This has to be the funnest "throw-together" wallpaper EVER.

A bit of paint here, a bit of stock there, a bit of manipulation here.... and a touch of coolness everywhere.

Oh, Almost forgot. This is for the SSD Collection of wallpapers, which has YET to be released, so if any of you ssdians sell me out to Car, I'll flail you.

More resolutions to follow, as I get requests.

Resolutions available.

1680x1050 |1600X1200 |1440x900 |1280x1024 |1024x768 |800x600.

Thanks For Daily Deviation, Zilla, and to the guy who suggested it, whats its face..umm, too lazy to click back or open a new window.

EDIT: Many thanks to the Chinese government for stealing & printing my work, with no credit. www.n-tv.de/wissen/China-will-…
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Come back here many years later. Still the BEST wallpaper of our earth on the internet.