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Edit: May 10th, 2009. 3:15AM.


I'm checking in my messages and there's about 6 consecutive favorites.. I'm like, wow it's like I got a DD or something... then I check here and HOLY SWEATY BALLS THERE IT IS!

<3 ^taenaron
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sogfrog13Student Digital Artist
so cool ! has given me a lot to think about when doing my own suns! :D
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This is amazing, I love it! :wow:
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AllantsukiHobbyist Digital Artist

Awesome anyways, and hey

In a few BILLION years :P
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Nazo-The-UnsolvableHobbyist General Artist
Very well depicted, however that's a very small star for that size of a habitable planet. But hey, it's art, no realism needed.
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because the sun is whiter in the center it made me think that it was a shockwave semi-transparent and the whitest region was the source of the light, also the bcakground looks like the sun so it made me think that I was seeing a little of the background too. I hope you understood that.

besides that the rest looks awesome, also the the degree of the background looks almost like a painting because of its high opacity (or less stars behind it)
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tadp0l3Hobbyist Digital Artist
A sun should be whiter near its center (despite how most artists interpret the look of the sun in their pieces), simply because the center is where you're "looking through" most of the sun. It's the area with most gas and highest density - and should therefore be the brightest area of the sun.
pogona2009's avatar
yes I agree, I also try to put it a bit white in the center of my stars (just a little bit) but I still think it looks a bit like a waveshock
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alooper21Hobbyist General Artist
i asume you're zooming from outside of the solar sistem if the sun appears so close to a living planet. otherwise that planes should be hell!
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simply GREAT!!!
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5p34kHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing picture! I really wonder how you get the beautiful light glow from the sun.. Do you have any advices/help?:)
N3UR0N's avatar
just keep layering single brush taps on various layer modes in photoshop. starting with a large one and working to a smaller size. with various tones of orange yellow and sometimes red. using modes like linear dodge and color dodge etc.
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bo0xVnHobbyist Digital Artist
Awsome work!
Kirue's avatar
Wow really nice work :omg:
Superiorgamer's avatar
awsome work mate! Any chance you could do a lighting tutorial on how to get such a great high quality gradient glow?
N3UR0N's avatar
Which glow are you talking about?
nansta's avatar
Congratz on the DD bro, great piece.
MerX1337's avatar
damn thats kewl!
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so vibrant, love it
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I saw how Sontse consumes planets repeated but why why
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EmilLarssonHobbyist Digital Artist
Even though a sun isn't calm at all, I get a feeling of serenity:)
Amazing piece, :)
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LuftelukeHobbyist Photographer
And now you have 798 favs:XD:
Congrats on your DD^^ It's well deseved:)
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Earth. Once a Beautiful Vessel For The Wonder Of Life.
She Suffers No More.

wow sorry hahaha idk where that came from, Beautiful work. Bravo...Bravo :clap:
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RovertartheadProfessional Filmographer
MY EYES!!! LOL nice art.
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