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Mature content
The Jackdaw Ch7 :iconarvaleeknight:ArvaleeKnight 28 27
The Jackdaw Ch6
Edward Kenway x Reader
It had to have been the next day when you finally pried your eyes open again. The loud creaking of the door pulled you from sleep, the banging of boots hard against the wooden floorboards quickly following. "Kenway!" His voice was deep, gruff, and incredibly loud. "What the devil are you doing, boy?"
Edward stood, whispering with bitterness, "Jaysus. Keep it down, Thatch."
"Your men told me you were hold up in a bakery fondling over some boy who got wounded." Thatch's eyes peered passed Edward, his dark tanned skin fitting well with the blackness of his beard.
You tried not to grin but the shocked expression he wore was priceless. It wasn't that he was simply shocked, rather he hadn't been expecting it. You were curled up on the bed to keep most of your wounded back from touching too firmly against anything, your hair tossled about around you.
"Ah, a lady?"
"She's... that boy on my crew." Edward shifted, slowly dropping back down into his seat ne
:iconarvaleeknight:ArvaleeKnight 32 7
The Jackdaw Ch5
Edward Kenway x Reader
You're a thief by nature and managed to steal quite a great deal from your last haul. After some unusual circumstances, you've found yourself aboard the Jackdaw with an unexpected crew of people with an even more unusual captain.
Edward carried your weight through the cabin doors, the surgeon quick at his heels. Joey was close behind, slamming the door behind him nearly shattering the glass. Adé could be heard shouting orders to the men, taking control of the ship while their captain was preoccupied defusing the crisis.
The moment he set you down, your head resting gently onto the pillow, the surgeon was pushing his way through. There was the ruffling and ripping of clothes, the steady hands of the doctor suddenly wavering. He darted his eyes to Edward, almost hesitant to speak it out loud.
Joey shuffled behind them, blurting mindlessly, "Jack's... a lady?"
Edward turned on his heel, placing his hands firm on the man's shoulders. "Kee
:iconarvaleeknight:ArvaleeKnight 29 9
The Jackdaw Ch4
Edward Kenway x Reader
You shifted in your sleep, the turn of your head jostling your hangover to life. You were incredibly warm, your bed softer than last you remembered it. The scent of rum, salt, and sweat tickled your senses. There was an underlying smell, a distinct one that you were simply linking to Edward. Then again, he always seemed to be a mixture of rum and salt.
You slowly pried your eyes open to the sprawled out pirate captain. He was lying flat on his back, arms stretched every which way, his hair a disheveled mess. You were curled up next to him, tucked beneath one of his arms, his chest rising and falling slowly with each sleepy breath.
You were in his cabin, in his bed. The horror of the situation made your heart race. You would have gladly stayed with Edward but god forbid if any of the crew walked in to spot the two of you. It would be both difficult to explain and embarrassing for your reputation. You slowly got to your feet, worming your way out o
:iconarvaleeknight:ArvaleeKnight 29 4
The Jackdaw Ch3
Edward Kenway x Reader
It had been a few days into the voyage, your skills as a cook were appreciated by the crew, a ravenous lot every one of them. The atmosphere of the ship was homier than what you were used to. You had lived as a solitary thief, stealing when you could, scrounging enough coin for food and a place to sleep. Amongst the men, you had a solid place to call your own and life was easier than you'd ever experienced it.
You were lying comfortably on your bunk, hands tucked leisurely behind your head. The men were telling stories over drinks, their laughing and goading ringing against your ear. Somehow they managed to gather themselves in the bunks around you.
"Jack, you devil!" One of the men lifted his drink to you, Joey, his large form taking up most of the room around him. "You're awfully smug over there!"
"He's probably got a better story than us all, hey lad?"
"He hasn't any stories," another coaxed. "A young whelp like him."
You hadn't any stories, n
:iconarvaleeknight:ArvaleeKnight 28 1
The Jackdaw Ch2
Edward Kenway x Reader
You jostled your way through the ship's hold, passing crates and barrels, the dim light of oil lamps flickering across the wall. The shoddy beds of the crew held a few sleeping comrades likely just finishing the night watch. Or sleeping off their rum. Both were reasonable suspects.
You moved towards the galley at the bow of the ship. It was a small area lined with a counter and a large wood burning stove. The cook stood at its center, a middle aged man with a butcher's knife. He threw a daggered look your way, shouting irritably, "It's not done yet if that's what you’re wondering."
"I've been ordered to help you out around here," you say, pulling out a mild smirk and throwing your hands at your side. "Captain's orders. And I'm supposed to bring him back something to eat."
He grumbled something incoherent, slapping the knife down and heading through the ship. You shrugged your shoulders, a brow lifted with amusement. You searched the shelves
:iconarvaleeknight:ArvaleeKnight 28 3
The Jackdaw Ch1
Edward Kenway x Reader
You're a thief by nature and managed to steal quite a great deal from your last haul. After some unusual circumstances, you've found yourself aboard the Jackdaw with an unexpected crew of people with an even more unusual captain.
You took refuge in the warmth of the tavern, the cold rains drenching your leathers and down to the cloth beneath. It was a large tavern, larger than most of the ones you’d seen. But this was Kingston after all. A large city with a large number of sailors would demand such an expansive space.
It was early morning and if it hadn't been raining it would have been a quiet rest. But every sailor in the area had the same idea as you, flooding their way into the warmth and filling the air with shanties and drunken laughs.
You dropped your heavy bag at your stool and settled down. You hunched down at the bar, your jacket unbuckled loosely around your form, your shirt gaping open ever so slightly. You kept your hair
:iconarvaleeknight:ArvaleeKnight 59 14
Mature content
Assassin's Kitten's Altair x reader :iconpanda-otaku:Panda-Otaku 118 13
Made of Stone (Steve x Reader) - Part 1
2015, Sakovia - HYDRA'S Research Base
'Hold on!' Steve yelled at you, as you were sitting on the back of his motorcycle, holding on to him with one hand and shooting down HYDRA agents with the other.
You were driving through a forest covered in ice, somewhere in Sakovia, Eastern Europe. The Avengers were here to find Loki's scepter that Baron Strucker was hiding in a castle like building up a hill just outside this forest.
You knew it was there because you had seen it. You had been held hostage in that base for God knew how long. During the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D you had been captured by Strucker's men, who had taken you all this way to Sakovia to get information from you. As one of the top agents within S.H.I.E.L.D, you had extremely valuable information. Information that wasn't spilled on the internet. You hadn't spoken a word however, and recently you had finally been able to escape.
What the Avengers didn't know however, was that Strucker h
:iconsavrom:savrom 279 93
Baking Pie [Avengers xReader xThe Flash xDeadpool]
Baking Pie
Avengers x Reader x Justice League AU

Today was the first actually warm day of spring. The air was filled with the chirping of birds and it smelled fresh and clear. Well, as fresh and clear as it could possibly get it Manhattan. There was a light breeze that ruffled your flowing spring dress; which you had decided to finally put on to celebrate the occasion of the fast blooming spring. Grinning to yourself, you enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze that caressed you while you walked home from the market through Central Park.
Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a strong gust of wind picked up and blew your dress around you. The dress actualy flipped up and was about to expose your undergarments when you dropped your shopping bags and held it down. Cursing when you remembered that you had a bag of apples and worried about as you picked them up.
While you collected them, a thought crossed your mind when you realized that the wind that had flipped your dress had c
:iconthefanfreakers:Thefanfreakers 260 82
New photoshoot (and costume sales) by S-Seith New photoshoot (and costume sales) :icons-seith:S-Seith 240 8
Edward Kenway x reader
Edward Kenway x reader
. : | | Home Again | | : : . .
An unaware presence reposed itself on their shared bed, keeping quiet as its eyes tiredly and lovingly watched over her, curled up under warm blankets. A calloused hand lightly grazed her cheek, lowering as to place itself on her arm, her breathing evenly leaving her slightly parted lips. He could see how appealing she was, still even as she was asleep and the light strayed until the next morning. To him, no symmetry could compare to ( Name ).
Oh, how he had missed you.
Pulling his boots off with a grunt and aching arms, Edward left her side as he began changing, eager to crawl into bed beside her, wishing to keep her close just as he used to before the day he took his leave. As he slipped his shirt off, he gently inched his way to her, cautiously slipping an arm around her whilst he pulled her close to his bare chest.
Weakly, she stirred at first but soon after absent mindedly snuggled against his torso, mumbling a few inaudible wo
:iconwafflez-xx:Wafflez-xX 102 8
Company - Makoto X Insomniac!Reader
I don't really know if this is good or not
I'm feeling kind of sad
And I have insomnia
This is all kind of based off of how it gets to a certain point where you just, break down completely
Once the lack of sleeps gets to you, it's truly awful
________ is for name
(h/l) is hair length
(h/c) is hair colour
(e/c) is eye colour
I hope you guys like it
Makoto pried the door open gently, trying not to make any noise as he walked in. His part-time job kept him late again, but he didn’t really mind. The both of you worked hard when you weren’t at university classes, so it wasn’t unusual. Through the darkness of the room, he saw the faint silhouette of ________, sitting cross legged on the bed.  She had insomnia. He knew that well enough. But something seemed off. Her shoulders where hunched and her head hung low, (h/l) (h/c) hair covering her face. Makoto frowned worriedly, making his way over to her.
She didn’t move for
:iconpearlthedragonair:pearlthedragonair 35 6
Markiplier FNAF 2 by ShiftyStorm Markiplier FNAF 2 :iconshiftystorm:ShiftyStorm 522 76
La Mia Rosa (Ezio x Reader)
Ezio X Reader
       The calming chirps of birds and laughter of small children were the sounds you could hear as you sat near a tree, sketching away in your book. Your senses were one of the many things that inspired you as you created your art in the shade. All the sweet aromas from the bakeries, the beautiful architecture around you, and all the different expressions of happiness from the kids that played not too far from you gave you motivation to capture the moment. It made your art a lot more realistic.
You brushed away a lock of your (H/C) hair that had decided to set itself free from the imprisonment of the bun and continued to glide your pencil over the page. You thought about how lucky you were to work with a man like Leonardo Da Vinci. While other men constantly denied the fact that women had talent, Leonardo encouraged and even supported your art. You looked up to him because he was an amazing man that accomplished many things.
‘Just like Ezio,
:iconfollowingthecreed:FollowingTheCreed 245 65
Mature content
Rin Matsuoka X Reader : B l o c k e d :iconshinoxx:ShinoXx 154 24

Newest Deviations

Halfway drawn Natsu by N3K0L4DY Halfway drawn Natsu :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 5 20 Preventing me from playing.. by N3K0L4DY Preventing me from playing.. :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 6 0 Leo says hai by N3K0L4DY Leo says hai :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 3 5 Simplicity at it's best by N3K0L4DY Simplicity at it's best :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 1 0 SNK. Best. Fucking. Anime. Ever. by N3K0L4DY SNK. Best. Fucking. Anime. Ever. :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 1 7 Cuddling kitty cats by N3K0L4DY Cuddling kitty cats :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 5 8
Awkward Fridays (Brothers Conflict x Reader) part2
To sum it all up, you were currently running for dear life so you could make it on time for school.
It didn't help that you were still thinking about this morning and all the flirting Kaname did.. And the situation with Subaru...
Recap to this morning..
He leaned in close to your face and said in a soft tone, "Are you sure I can't stay, Immouto-chan?"
You blushed and your (e/c) eyes widened. "He's trying to flirt so early in the morning??"
Trying to hide your blush you glared at him and said, "Of course not!!" While trying to push him out of your room so you could change.
The entire time he was laughing at your failed attempts to get him out of your room.
"Kaname-san! You are going to make me late for school!!" You yelled at him, getting angrier by the second.
"Alright, alright." He said. "But if you need help changing, come to Onii-chan and he'll be glad to help you.." He said seductively.
By now your face was as red as a tomato. 
He laughed at your e
:iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 102 38
Awkward Fridays (Brothers Conflict x Reader) part1
It was around seven o'clock in the morning on a Friday.. yes a school day, and you were still asleep.
Go figure, you had stayed up all night long playing a new game Natsume-san asked you to try out. So to say you were dead tired was an understatement.
-Knock knock knock-
Someone was trying to disturb your peaceful sleeping so you just rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.
-knock knock knock-


-knock knock knock-

"Immouto-chan, you should probably get up now."
You groaned, pulling your blanket over your head. "Mhm.. Five more minutes Kaname-san.." You said and dug your face more in the, oh so comfortable, mattress.
"Five more minutes and you'll be late for school." Kaname said with a laugh.
With that statement you shot right out of bed with a gasp, "WHAT?!" Which also made you fall out of bed..
"..shit.." You murmured.
By this point Kaname was now in your room kneeling in front of you with an amused expres
:iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 122 17
Babysitting is so...ugh.. by N3K0L4DY Babysitting is so...ugh.. :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 3 8 Don't be afraid. by N3K0L4DY Don't be afraid. :iconn3k0l4dy:N3K0L4DY 2 0



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Brianna Danyel
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hi~ FREE Bouncy Sylveon Icon by Kattling free giraffe icon by cremecake So i don't really do bios.. they're kinda overrated. And I don't really wanna come up with something creative right now so this is the outcome! A shit ton of random stamps that tell you a little bit about me and what I like/and or am obsessed with! So if you wanna know more about me don't be shy to send me a note and talk to me. I love making new friends! Cute Heart Cookie Free Icon by spring-sky Zombie Attack by StarburstAndie

Video Games Stamp by Cloudcrossing The Game...of Life by Persnicketese FioLee: Playing video games by Kaze-yo Stamp: Skyrim by I-Forget-To-Forget
-No Thank You Stamp- by ccucco Majora's Mask Stamp 2 by paridox Endermen Are Adorable Stamp by RainfallClan Creeper Stamp by smileystamps
Ditto Stamp by MissBezz Hahaha Stamp by Drake1 Portal Stamp by MagicFiretrucks Steam Stamp by TipsyDigital
Connor motion stamp 1 by shatinn :thumb311865336: Assassin's Creed stamp by AHMED-ART
:thumb172164349: Assassin's do it by KatzeBlue Assassin addicted STAMP by lonewined Assassin's Creed II stamp by iamadem
Nationality Stamp - Germany by MissBezz Nationality Stamp - Japan by MissBezz Nationality Stamp - U.K. by MissBezz :thumb356727142:
Cryaotic fan stamp by PaintedSerenity Don't Worry About It, Cry Stamp by CryaoticConfessions PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler [STAMP] Gore Games by Emfen
:thumb323632941: The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps MARVEL Thor Smiles Stamp by TwilightProwler Loki Stamp by DevanTheNoob
Avengers Stamp - Captain America by The-GreenGoblin MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Deadpool stamp by Lora-Pedigree :thumb372109938:
Deadpool Stamp 3 by kyphoscoliosis :thumb316534616: Spiderman Stamp by SuperFlash1980 MARVEL Peter + Gwen Stamp by TwilightProwler
MARVEL Peter Parker Stamp by TwilightProwler giraffe by theestephasaurusrex STAMP: Giraffes by zungzwang :thumb395373646:

Don't ask why I was searching for one.. he's just so adorable and sexy.. and I want one. Seriously I would pay some legit cash if someone made a really cool high quality one. That'd be amazing!

There is this chick on DA that makes SNK body pillows and The hobbit ones too.. and hot damn are they sexy :iconembarrasedplz:

..Anyways! I forget her name but yeah, someone should really make one.... please? :icongivingupplz:


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