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INKTOBER#6 - Hidden and Snake

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DONE!☆ INKTOBER#6 - Hidden & Snake

Yes! Finished this on at the stream, actually all of them xD Was a bit stuck at first with this one, so luckily my fellow Ninja M8's on the stream had some feedback,
for how a face looks like with a snake in the pants xD

Can you find the "Real Snake"?

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KehXKeova's avatar
That poor guy... I'd be crying, too.  XD
Voidofexpression's avatar
I see a solid snake there...
Also, there is a snake in his pants.... er... that sounds dirty.
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Haha Yeah! xD You naughty-nautghty...
Voidofexpression's avatar
Don't judge me! I made an observation that can (and was) taken differently from what i ment >,<
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Haha no problem V! :D
Arineange's avatar
Found the real snake ! At the very right around a branch !
Awesome drawing, and as everytime you draw a background with nature I love it !!
And oh my, I think that Curly has got a bit of a problem hahahaha :D
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Haha Yeah! You found it! :D Thankyou very much A! :D Yeah he does indeed Haha!~~
FeralManga's avatar
Found the snake. It's rolled up around the branch of a tree in the backround on the right side. It's actually the rightmost tree.
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Well done! You go it! :D
FeralManga's avatar
Do I get a prize?
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Hmmm..., well you where the first one,

name one famous cool character from a anime/manga/tvshow/ect you love, then i sketch it out later :)
FeralManga's avatar
Could you draw one of my own characters instead? If so, draw Ryker(the guy in my profile pic) you can find in my Featured folder and my inked drawings folder. If not, just draw Izaya Orihara from Durarara.
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