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INKTOBER 31 - Friend and Monster

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FINAL!🌟 INKTOBER#31 - Friend & Monster,

Final Piece of Inktober! With all the pieces, i drew them as if they where the actual Intro Pages for the MangaComic Series i am currently drawing, "Party Time", and by adding two key words of two different Inktobers lists, the official one by "Jake Parker" and the list of "Sonya Kinsey" from the Facebook Group Manga Artists + the keyword Party Time for every single one of these, made it just way more interesting in my eyeballs. With th
is one experimented with some new magicstuff and after this, editing a few minor tones for some inktobers and then combining them all in a book!😃

YESsSss!☆ I am so happy this is done! It was real fun, but i am glad it is over, now i can fully focus on the main course, called, "PARTY TIME! YEAH!!! Thanks for watching and following the "Inktober Party 2016" so far, my fellow NINJA M8's! NINJABOX!👊 DIGITALLY!😃😎🎶🌟 Until next year!😉

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Quite the lovely creture.
N1NJAKEES's avatar
FeralManga's avatar
Can't wait to actually read Party Time.
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Thankyou F! :D 
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This reminds me a lot of the Summerween trickster from gravity falls. I don't know why. 
N1NJAKEES's avatar
That's cool K, probably because of the shape and is scary-ish looking + tricking people?

Never seen the show, do you recommand it? :P
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I would recommend the show to people, it's really great. Even though it ended... 
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Coolcool, gonna put it on the to watch list :3
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