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... to edit and upload photographs from the last year of shooting with my Canon ^^
In fact I underestimated how much time you'd need for that!
I love shooting, but most of the time I don't bother editing the RAW files xD
100GB of Photos on my harddrives yet!!! :O
Still, next to university that's not my top priority,
but I will try to get that done too!
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... to load up some old analogue photos from the last years...
enjoy ;)
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... for the 1st semster in the Master Course.
Still, I had to load up those two conceptual works I made for the university ^^
What to do with yellow rubber gloves... well, stuff them and beat the ideas out of your head! ^^
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It's the time of many, intense colours.
So I went out to catch them... ^^
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