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3rd Raveshirt with Mushrooms - front by n1b1xx 3rd Raveshirt with Mushrooms - front :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 2 0 AcidfaceNibix Green by n1b1xx AcidfaceNibix Green :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Tanktop Print by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop Print :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Shirt Back Mix Glow by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Shirt Back Mix Glow :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Shirt Front Glow (2) by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Shirt Front Glow (2) :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' TShirt Glow mix front by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' TShirt Glow mix front :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Tanktop Back glow by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop Back glow :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Back Glow by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Back Glow :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Back by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Back :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Front by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Front :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Tanktop mix by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop mix :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' Tanktop back by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop back :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 'I love ACID' T-Shirt Print by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' T-Shirt Print :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 2 3rd Raveshirt with mushrooms - back by n1b1xx 3rd Raveshirt with mushrooms - back :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0 3rd Raveshirt with mushrooms - back UV by n1b1xx 3rd Raveshirt with mushrooms - back UV :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 1 0 3rd Raveshirt with mushrooms label UV by n1b1xx 3rd Raveshirt with mushrooms label UV :iconn1b1xx:n1b1xx 0 0


Hyperbolic by Xevodan Hyperbolic :iconxevodan:Xevodan 11 1 Entropy by Xevodan Entropy :iconxevodan:Xevodan 8 6 Past (Body) by Xevodan Past (Body) :iconxevodan:Xevodan 9 7 Cortex by Xevodan Cortex :iconxevodan:Xevodan 6 0 Black Hole by Xevodan Black Hole :iconxevodan:Xevodan 5 0 Fish Wings by Xevodan Fish Wings :iconxevodan:Xevodan 4 0 Robot by TSFcrew Robot :icontsfcrew:TSFcrew 281 22 Adventure Time | Summer vacation by SaitoRyou Adventure Time | Summer vacation :iconsaitoryou:SaitoRyou 315 7 Dungeon Game (NEW VES.) by arcmagezaln Dungeon Game (NEW VES.) :iconarcmagezaln:arcmagezaln 19 219 The Seeker by Ellysiumn The Seeker :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,817 121 Quick Skull Sketch by HorribleBlack Quick Skull Sketch :iconhorribleblack:HorribleBlack 724 53 CStyle.BioMorph3.0 Final by c0nr4d CStyle.BioMorph3.0 Final :iconc0nr4d:c0nr4d 1,730 483 friie by shepa friie :iconshepa:shepa 1,559 142 sImPLE.G-Shilesque by simpleGathens sImPLE.G-Shilesque :iconsimplegathens:simpleGathens 2,767 196 Graffiti 3124 by cmdpirxII Graffiti 3124 :iconcmdpirxii:cmdpirxII 201 13


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:iconxevodan: :icontsfcrew:

In this entry, I will describe and tell you a bit about my 'I Love Acid' T-Shirt print. It all began in 2015, the year I made my first ACID-Mushroom t-shirt... it was only with Marker and Neon-Splats to glow in UV

I donated about 48 hours of my time to work on this T-shirt. I weard it on nearly every rave I was.

Front, no UV by n1b1xx Back, no UV by n1b1xx


It glow in UV ... I love it to glow in UV-Light ... nearly every other needed LED-Gadgets (sunglasses, secklaces, etc.) but the only one you will see when the blacklight goes on, was me...if i want or not, I'm shining :D (Big Grin) ;) (Wink)

 Front UV by n1b1xx Back, UV by n1b1xx

(I'm sorry but it bleached out a lot and I couldn't refresh the painting until now)

but not only my shirts shines bright, my shock trousers shines, too.

20180919 034540 by n1b1xx 20180919 034559 by n1b1xx 20180919 034656 by n1b1xx 20180919 034717 by n1b1xx 20180919 034842 by n1b1xx

I was every weekend in technoclubs, go dancing, having fun and clear my mind.

I have been approached by many people.

"Stay as you are, because you are so authentic."

                                                         "I love your charisma, you see, you do not just hear techno, you live it."
Often I was only addressed on my T-shirt.

                                                                         "Did you do that yourself?"                                     "Can I buy that shirt anywere?"

                                            "What a horny shirt man!"                             "Do you sell it?"

                                                                                    and so on and so on ...

I didn't know what I should say, which prize should I take for one?

                                                                                    I've take 48 hours and more to paint this shirt...

So I answered:

                    "I've painted it for several hours, no idea which person would pay so much money for a T-shirt (my consideration was about 48 hours of work,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                with an hourly wage of only 10 €. That is already 480 €).
As an answer, I got a statement, like:

                                             "50 € would I pay for it"                             

                                                                        (50 €? And from what should I live?)

    So I said only ...        

                           "You are already aware, this is not pressure, but I have besides, this is and always will be a one-of-a-kind piece. Uniques are expensive ... besides,

                I do not think this shirt is that easy to print, too many color gradients and hidden effects. ..

                                                                                                                    even if you get it, it will cost you well over 50 €."

Now the more often I was approached on my shirt, the more conceited or scarce my answers.

                 "Real cool T-shirt!"                Answer (smiling):  "I know!"

                                                    or                                                      "Homemade?"                                                                            

                 Answer:                                     "No! Internet!"

Time passed, I painted a lot.

Partyyy without Blacklight by n1b1xxPartyyy with Blacklight by n1b1xxMushroom with Light by n1b1xxGlowing mushrooms in blacklight by n1b1xx

Also I was still looking for a place to live and at some point, the day finally arrived.

I moved to my new apartment.

For a long time I dreamed of finally painting my own apartment, walls and my own little Techno-ACID home.

My first concept drawing was already finished:

17349671 1171100089655758 6448044046575750065 O by n1b1xx17239781 1171180192981081 1567806947983878571 O by n1b1xx

So first built music system and painted my first wall.

All beginning was hard, it's something else not to paint on a small sheet or canvas / draw, but to stand in front of a wall and the proportions correctly to get out.

However, I really got used to the new dimensions quickly and had pretty soon finished the first piece, for the time being!

21122691 1321525271279905 2192280342379114426 O by n1b1xx

I'm not a graffity Artist, I don't use spray-cans. I love my pencils and sponges.

21368682 1326711347427964 8107118183410845876 O by n1b1xx

I love spiders, so it was an must have, at least one wall with huge spiders. It doesn't took a long time. Only about 8 to 12 hours for the first wall, not the complete wall. Only the left side from my bedroom door.

Then I started to paint the right side.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the template, the leaf was much too small and I only got the eyes, parts of the nose and a hairline on it. Nobody saw what I could see before my eyes. To illustrate, I cut the finished image about as it looked at my checkered sheet.

Eyes cut by n1b1xx

I started drawing and trace over the template

21273621 1326318187467280 2477130050696242602 O by n1b1xx

Yeah, 5-6 hours later, the first part was ready. The grin was clearly visible.

All that was missing was a bit of neon color ...

21414608 1326318270800605 4232732182185388447 O by n1b1xx

and a bit more hair

21272766 1326318347467264 8213553976124681912 O by n1b1xx

after all, it was supposed to glow in the black light at some point.

21272925 1326707990761633 4724235445756780772 O by n1b1xx

21248314 1326318460800586 2079809014341014966 O by n1b1xx

Finally she was almost done ... now a curtain in front of the door and curtains on the windows. Let the show begin!

22498852 1367366740029091 8031413150547492746 O by n1b1xx

Living Room with purple light by n1b1xx

22549766 1367051363393962 6595949235390331775 N by n1b1xx

The first statements of friends, who were there to visit, were: "Geile Picture, but the face is so fucking shit, why do not you put on a T-shirt, I would buy directly."

18620124 1231643666934733 3906550224948701957 N by n1b1xx
(no words needed)

The first idea was born.

But how do I get this thing digitaly? After all, I can not paint a wall on the shirt.So it took many hours working with photoshop and all that junk. Luckily I've already collected a grafikpad and some experience with digital images:

Hardtechno Skull by n1b1xx Acid Smile by n1b1xx Hardtechno Eyes by n1b1xx Alien by n1b1xx

Titleless by n1b1xx Booom!!! by n1b1xx Faces by n1b1xx Smoker by n1b1xx

At the end of the work, however, has paid off and the grotesque for the shirt too shape:

Fratze Vektor-1 by n1b1xxAcidfaceNibix Green by n1b1xx

During the work on the design, I eagerly sought the internet from for a suitable print shop. For me especially visible courage was important to again. Experience with bright neon colors and best of all, of course, the possibility of "invisible" color, which can only be seen in UV light to use.

My biggest concern was the invisible fluorescent black light color. I would like a text which is changed in black light by another text, word or icon / image

Unfortunately, the only printing house, which I really enjoyed directly, sustainable production, only European manufacturers of starting materials, the best course would be Germany (I want [hemp shirts for example] are working as local and best sustainably as possible)

To be honest, after all the printers, it was the only one that ever responded. With other printers I do not even got a response, I really wonder how they earn money. For others, I got my answer to the question how many colors should be printed.

I answered: "I guess 3-5." the answer "So many?" added.

Okay, if those already, with screen-printed silks, roll their eyes and are completely dissolved, that also falls flat.

Well, the dialogue and kolaboration with the printing house took an eternity. From all sides, I was ridiculed, because it just went forward nothing. Everything took a felt, eternity. My money was always more prone to because I am a big gooder and of course everything and everyone let live apart /'ve left who did not know where ... the reward for this were lots of stress and a high loss of money.

About 4months after the first contact, the manufacture shirts and tops went into production. For the beginning once every 100 pieces.

So 100 shirts and 100 tops:

29541716 1520106078088489 2136949847590844941 N by n1b1xx

'I love ACID' Tanktop Print by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Back by n1b1xx'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Front by n1b1xx


'I love ACID' Tanktop Mix Back Glow by n1b1xx 'I love ACID' Tanktop mix by n1b1xx'I love ACID' T-Shirt Print by n1b1xx shirt XL back by n1b1xx Shirt Mix 2 by n1b1xx

Shirt Back Mix Glow by n1b1xx Shirt Glow mix front by n1b1xx

Now it is 1 O'clock AM and I have to take my dogs for a walk

If you want me to continue telling my story, then leave a comment here. Of course, I also like to read positive reviews.

Bye your Frank "Nibix" Müller

20818808 1307780495987716 7263091927875500325 O by n1b1xx




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