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Hello, people who might still be watching me.

It's been 4-5 years since my last journal entry. I haven't done my regular stick-figure animations in a while. I did get to do one comeback with a collab entry last summer. That was pretty fun, and I just submitted it now here on Deviantart.

I've been attending university and studying animation (yay!). This is my first year, but it is already somewhat busy. I decided to use my free time today to take a nostalgia journey and watch my old animations. Since I have lost most of my stick-figure animations during the past years with computer problems, carelessness, and thoughtlessness, the bulk of my "work" is here on Deviantart. I had past ones on Fluidanims, which no longer exists, and older ones on the Stickpage forums, which probably do exist somewhere deep inside.

I just wanted to pop in here and write an update for anyone still out there. I see that some of you--that I watch--are still active, and more creative than ever.

Sometime, hopefully in the near future, I will work on a simple, but longer than my normal, stick-figure animation project that I abandoned a while ago. I would trash it totally because I do not like it that much, but I want to finish it just to have a finished project. I also have a simple collaboration idea from a while back that I shared on IRC and got a few parts for. I might revive that in the near future as well.

By "future," I mean that I will hopefully work on these things during summer break, and maybe spring break.
In the midst of studying, tests, homework, and lots and lots of colds, I have a feeling that this year is going to get brighter. There's always that random thing that I see everyday that makes me smile.

I usually check my deviantart daily because there's a lot of cool stuff being made by the people I subscribe to. Like today I saw this small comic… by :iconrimfrost:
It made me smile. Hah, smile.

Anyways, I'm working on a full length animation, and it's probably going to take me forever, but just know that I'm not dead with making my own animations. I might also make some art or write some stuff in the meantime.
Thanks for subscribing to me. :]
It's a pretty sweet social networking site for flash animators. It's kind of like twitter/facebook but focusing on animation. So all you animators check this out!
It was made by the maker of (juke). It's also supported by
Check it out in my gallery, or go to… to watch it.
Please leave your feedback :]
Run3 is almost here! Not that any of you really knew that it was coming anyways.
Here's the link for the work in progress page on fluidanims for Run3:…
Don't forget to look at the promo right here on DA.
Hopefully I will upload it on Deviantart after I upload it to FA. It comes out on Friday May 27th on fluidanims.
Don't miss it!
I'm not dead. Just busy with stuff.
You probably won't be seeing an animation from me in a while, but you will be seeing something from me sometime.
On IRC! :D
Get on, nao. D:<
It's almost done people! So hold up and it might come out today or tomorrow.
So far, this is only 31 seconds long.
Join if you want to::…
I've been working on some new stuff. A couple joints maybe.
Also, I've been working on an animation called "minimen", and I hope that I finish that. (so far it's only 13 seconds long)
Yep those are pretty much the animation stuff I'm working on.
Run2 is out…
All thanks to Woof. He organized everything.
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These are my flipnote animations.
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