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The Sawfish

Gave sawfish wm a try.
Pretty nice so far but I'm not sure whether it will replace dwm :)
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good job!!
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Really nice sepia shot :D
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zomg, this epic.
are you using zsh?
can you share .Xdefaults? :D
link to the wall?
good job :)
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Thanks! Yes it's zsh :)



Have fun :D
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Linux screenshots always have pretty and matching colors for their console apps.
Very nice shot (: found out if u liked sawfish? , i heard ratpoison should be ok aswell?
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Thank you.

Well it's much like openbox but it's kinda strange if you can't move windows as fast&easy like you could with a tiling wm.
I'll probably use it for another few days though.
I haven't tried ratpoison seriously yet but i'll definitely try it some time.
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Oki :3
Hope all goes well with you, have a fantastic day~
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DAMN!! This is nice! :thumbsup: :+fav:
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I was (obviously) inspired by your screenshot's awesome :D
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thank you too! I love some Izmojuki. :)
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