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Waiting for season 4 of Tbbt :D
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i've seen a sawfish theme like this but with a differente colour...where can we find them? :)
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It's this theme. I just changed some colors :)
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Very nice.
Bazzinga :D
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oh ?
thanks ! :D
you deserve it man :)

by the way , what WM is that ?
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i'm speechless . :)
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I feel honored xD
Also thanks for the fav!
I like the minimal style of your work10 shot :O
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Cool setup :clap:

will be featured on
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Thank you!
Really nice website :)
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Awesome shot. Awesome.
Never heard about sawfish though, seems interesting.
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It's great...I actually prefer it over openbox :P
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I think it was this screenshot that convinced me to give Sawfish a decent trial. The lisp aspect of it has always intrigued me, and I dunno if you're an Emacs guy at all.. but the ability for Sawfish and Emacs to talk to each other really opens some interesting possibilities :D My Sawfish config is rocking now :)
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hehe, thanks!
Yep...i'm usually using vim.
So how about a screenshot of your setup ? ;)
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Sure thing, here you go :) [link]

I was a vim guy myself, and I still use it when working remotely, but after giving Emacs a decent shot I have it set up comfortably, using viper-mode and vimpulse.el too so to me it feels like a big extensible vim :)
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