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Submission for ArtPolitic 09: Guns.

This is a piece I started months ago when we first decided to do guns as the topic of our next release. It has evolved through several iteration but i think the end result was worth the time that went into it. I hope you agree.

Tools: Photoshop 7, Scanmaker 3740, Nikon 4500
Stock + Textures: My own with the exception of the bullets
Brushes: ~alangerow and ~nibbler-stock
Fonts: Dirty Ego by misprintedtype
Writing: Yours Truely
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Kids can be some of the cruelest beings to ever walk the earth. This is a great piece and it shows what happens when some kids are pushed too far.
Rodegas's avatar
Should we all cry to a pillow?
Scavenger1234567890's avatar
No,just remember everyone has a breaking point and some people choose to let others know how they feel,with hollow points.
Rodegas's avatar
Thug life
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blooddeptHobbyist General Artist
beautiful incredibly deep and something i can personally relate to
REBnVoDKa99's avatar
POWERFUL AND YET OH SO TRUE STUNNING AND BOLD...thanks to you my ally for sharing such a piece of art. I salute you !!
flyingrebel's avatar
Oh my god, I love it :heart:
Wolfblood11's avatar
this was so sad. how can someone keep all that anger inside?
MusicIsMyPassion's avatar
They can't. That's why people snap and the next thing you know there's another shooting being reported on the news. ]:
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TyverisHobbyist Writer
Very interesting
kid-matherz-dha-IV's avatar
kool work(4got 2 say, sorry).
kid-matherz-dha-IV's avatar
columbine, virgina tech , and ect., examples of bullying, isolation, abuse, ect. something about a school shooter, u dont know who it is or what theyre planning. I seen Elephant, that movie was said to inspire the red river school shootings(10 dead including the shooter). Ive been and still am bullied, abused, isolated, ect., but u gotta be strong in tough situations, feel bad 4 the people(including shooters) killed in the shootings.
madmax21st's avatar
All the recent shootings just made this more relevant :(.
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Das-sombrasHobbyist General Artist
wow... i remember when i used to feel like this. though, i never thought of picking up a gun, thank God.
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the-clue Photographer
fucking word,
Westwingwomen's avatar
amazing work ...it describe how i hav felt alot n reminds me of things i hav sed in the past..thankfully i hav never thought of picking up a gun. but i do no bullying can lead to pppl do extreme things n i do understand y they do it...
IAmJacksInsaneRage's avatar
well i'm scared that this kid may have bought his "merchandise" from my friend
Killuminaughty's avatar
Just curious, what caliber are those rounds. Since an AR is in the blood I'd of figured the bullets would be 5.56 or at least 7.62x39, but they look like some old archaic ones. I just think the idea of shootin' up some innocents with some ancient bolt action rimfire gun would put a bit of irony in this piece due to the authors lack of gun knowledge (it happens all the time, nothing to worry about).
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n0dealHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll freely admit my firearm ignorance. I just used them because they I felt they fit nicely with the piece and were one of the best pieces of ammunition stock I could find at the time.
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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
- Mahatma Gandhi
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antiKoerper01Hobbyist Photographer
don't know what to say about this.
it's stunning!
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MikeGuintoProfessional Photographer
Sounds like words straight from an an-hero's mouth.

But the graphics look pretty sweet
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jtgsclikHobbyist Photographer
This is great man I can relate to it and it really hits hard. You did an amazing job on this congrats.
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