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Four Year Low

My submission for the 50starczar project. Unfortunately, it appears as if this piece may require a sequel in four years time. Disappointment does not begin to describe my feelings on the outcome of the presidential race, but the majority rules. All we can do now is hope for the best and get a head start on fund raising for the next election.

On a related note, ArtPolitic 11: Majority was released on November 1st and is currently on display at

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0-Hermit-0's avatar
:O That text is beautiful. Wonderfully constructed in general, too.
IsItReal's avatar
yeah, because having a bad president is terrifyingly new for america.
jmart-art's avatar
well said, well thought out. and it might have been better to say 'another four year low'.... anyways, great idea..
loaded's avatar
...just can't stand that mofo
SorrowLover's avatar
"Disappointment does not begin to describe my feelings on the outcome of the presidential race, but the majority rules. "
I feel the same way.
Great work!
whiteangelviv's avatar
I love how he wants to help the poor city kids yet the cities didn't vote for him... Only the upper-middle and above people think he would do good --''''''''. My friends mostly dislike/hate him.
Bizowikc's avatar
I'm going to be different and say... Yay fer Bush!

I love the controversy~~ :neom:
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**points to picture of Bush** main reason why "anywhere but where I'm living right now" (US) is where I want to move. The next 4 years are going to be.......interesting.
xtrUNDERSCOREx4's avatar
great Job man...for me is :+fav:

lovethatnixter's avatar
dood...your Canadian....why does it matter to you?
n0deal's avatar
1. I have friends and family that live in the United States.
2. The United States is Canada's largest trade partner (not to mention our neighbor).
3. American foreign policy has a huge impact on the world as a whole.

I could go on but in the end I don't need to justify why I care who is the president of America. Suffice to say that I do care and care deeply because I have a great respect for the ideas and ideals upon which your country was founded and it sickens me to see America's incredible potential squandered by a man like George W. Bush.
lovethatnixter's avatar
It is all good man...just so you know...I don't care about Canada's politics...and I am 1/2 French Canadian...
kaylynnisxcore's avatar
i found out bush was re-elected and i almost burst out in tears.

the funny thing is.. i'm canadian.

btw. awesome job.
kyoskatze's avatar
wow...this is cool...and I totally agree
well, I´m German but I lived in the US for a year and I can absolutely not understand the people...I mean WHY?
passenger-nq's avatar

i like how you describe georgie's mandate. keep it up
hellblazer's avatar
'Tis rather crap innit. On the bright side, makes me feel slightly better about my country.

Nice lettering
pariah-of-nyc's avatar
Before i read the description, my first reation was: "you mean, eight-year low".

i enjoy. It's funny how the American people seem to be the only majority who like Bush as a major figurehead.
No wonder Americans seem to be welcomed with less comfort around the world.

- adam.
nirej's avatar
thats not true. alot of americans hate bush and voted aganist him and are terrified of the results of him being president. but the republicans blew up this smokescreen of "morals" and toatally forgot about the bigger issues in this country that will actually effect us more then gay marriage and abortion. me and as an american rather care about our economy, " the war" on terrorism etc etc BUT clearly the americans that voted for bush don't even see that at all and some people didn't even vote because they are mentally disturbed and think the only thing on the ballot is the presidency....DUH...check and balances....america has the three groups controlled by republicans and its gonna be hell of another 4 years. eck :!:

pariah-of-nyc's avatar
i know that there are some people who voted "against" Bush, but i'm using "the American people" as a general term. Since Bush, this time, won both the electoral votes and the popular vote, it's representing the majority of the people. There will always be people who disagree in a democracy -- and other various forms of government -- but sad to say, the outcome did shine in Bush's favour, which inevitably will further mar the reputation of the American people around the world.

- adam.
nirej's avatar
true. but you have to see who is running behind all of these things. electoral college is filled w/old conservative bastards and now the american government is run by old conservative bastards. not just one but judical, excuetive and legislative.....some of the ballots were completely insane and this country is based on "religion" or whatever and thats what came in to play in this election the most....values...and not extremely more important things and most of the states that voted for states were not intelligent states and conservative/religious....especially the south...if kerry just focused on those issues that the republicans shoved into most americans mouths he would of prolly have won but you never know. bush stole the last election....never know what could of happen AND america is not perfect and there are plenty of americans who despise bush including myself and to be generalized isn't very rational....excuse me if we have a bad leader but its only for four more years. its like we are the ONLY country that has bad leaders....and..not my fault america decided to be the world police.....its the young who is paying for it. including myself.
ivoryocean's avatar
you know I feel the same ...great typography, Lars.
fangedfem's avatar
Well done :clap: Says it all right there! Love the hard b/w and minimal composition you went with-- powerful =)
thelonegunman's avatar
damn right its a low. subterrean
scart's avatar
Yep, couldn't agree more


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