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ConkyBar - Conky config [Conky 1.10]

By N00by4Ever
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Notice: there are some pull requests in the Conky repository which are relevant to the skin (bug fixes), i will update the skin when the pull requests are integrated in Conky

For the older versions (Conky 1.9]: n00by4ever.deviantart.com/art/…

ConkyBar - V3.1

The skin is test on linux arch 64bit, and Conky 1.10. It should work on other distros too, because it uses nothing specific for linux arch.

The parts of the skin are ran in different conky instances to enable easy editing and to swap "conkies" in and out. For example there are multiple versions for cpu, ram, files and banshee. This impose a small overhead and thus performance penalty. This skin uses proper transparency, this allows for wallpaper changes (eg. Variety) to change wallpapers while running conky without issues.

The skin had some delays build in when starting up using conky_start, these can be removed if desired. This delays should avoid the background appearing on top of the other skins, in case this happens just run conky_start again.

The set-up is made for 1920x1080 monitors, if you have  larger or smaller monitor you will have to edit the skin manually.

Conky 1.10 has a new click through feature,  since this skin is rather big i can recommend it. If you're compiling Conky you have to add the build flag: BUILD_XSHAPE, if you have installed Conky from a package manager please contact the maintainer and ask them to add the flag to the package or edit the package yourself.


- wget            (for external IP)
- hddtemp      (for hdd temp, run the daemon)
- asla-utils      (for current volume)
- sysstat        (for iostat)

- banshee      (if you use the banshee part)
- python2      (if you use the banshee part)

- Conky Manger    (general managing tool for conky skins)

For other players than banshee: crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopi… or ubuntuforums.org/showthread.ph…

Installation steps:

1) Unzip and put the folder in /home/[username]/.conky/ConkyBar/ and there all the files of the skin (e.g conky_start).
2) Make sure your conky version support both lua and nvidia (For arch users: conky1.9, conky-lua-nv)
3) Make sure you've got all the dependencies installed (hddtemp, sysstat, ...) and they are running (also on start-up when needed, eg. hddtemp)
4) Make conky_start (and all files in /lua and /scripts) executable, don't forget the python file!
5) Make sure you've installed the fonts in /fonts
6) Edit the system specific setting to your system setting:
    - in conky_network and net_graph.lua change the interface to your wifi/eth interface (replace: enp8s0 and wlp2s0)
    - in conky_files and files_ring.lua change the desired harddisk device (replace: /dev/sda)
Note: some hardware has specific sensors (eg laptops) which for example can not use the default temperature sensors, you will have to edit the conky files manually to your systems "special needs". Fortunately it is fairy easy to edit this in conky.
7) Add conky_start to your start-up programs or alternatively when using Conky Manger. If you want to use an alternative version just edit the conky config file name in the conky_start script which is self explanatory.
Note: the conky_start script is recommended since it has a guaranteed good start-up sequence.

Enjoy! You're good to go now.

Window setting

These depend on your specific system, window manager ect... these are made for gnome and should give true transparency but it is possibly your system requires other settings. I assume you will already have Conky configs and can copy past those settings. If not i recommend to search forums of your distribution and ask what settings other people use.

How to change the color

In every config change the value of color0 to the desired value. In the lua files search for the value "1793d0" and replace it with your desired color.
(unfortunately you have to edit it in every conky config file individually... maybe the include statement will work one day)

Colors codes for common distros
Arch         1793d0        (blue)
Mint         77B753        (green)
Ubuntu        dd4814    (orange)
Debian         d70a53    (red)

Known bugs

- The hdd graph (ring) does have a blank space in the beginning (this bug is from the original script)
- Volume of exact 100 gives the wrong icon (of volume < 50)


-V3.2 07/2015: bugfixes
-V3.1 07/2015: cleaned up code, ported to Conky 1.10, improve alignment
-V3.0 07/2015: fixed small issues, skin changes, code clean-up, compatible with Conky Manger, added Screenlet space and themes for this conky theme.
-V2.0 09/2013: general improvements, updated images, improved alignment, code clean-up, ...
-V1.0 09/2013: initial commit


General look based on: Conky Launchpad - freeazy - freeazy.deviantart.com/art/Con…
Clock: Gotham  Conky config - psyjunta - psyjunta.deviantart.com/art/Go…
Lua scripts - wlourf  (bars/graphs/rings)
Banshee implementation - kaivalagi  - ubuntuforums.org/showthread.ph…
Icons - forgot sorry (let me know if you do)

Thanks to the people on the crunchbang forums for their help and knowledge- crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopi…

Feel free to fork/improve, i'm also always very curious towards the results :)

The Impulse Screenlet

- Abandoned by developer
- Not flawless

The github if you want to see the source: github.com/ianhalpern/Impulse

I want to stress this has nothing to do with Conky, it must be installed separately and is buggy/abandoned so you will have to play with it if it doesn't work (it did for me on the first time though). The original release can be found here: gnome-look.org/content/show.ph….
If you have problems i recommend to read the last pages form the commends there, they contain useful information. Wlouf has tried to port this to Conky but his attempt was only a proof of concept since it was using massive resources, maybe some day it will be integrated with conky (for the more technical people reading this: Impulse uses a custom script in c to process the audio spectrum wich is than passed to python to work with the Screenlet software and drawn on screen using Cairo. Cairo is also used in conky, replacing the python script with lua script is fairly easy and drawing in lua with cairo is already done with conky. So porting should be fairly easy but resources seem a problem.

Common problems:
    - Low volume (see comments gnome-look)
    - Channels switch (see comment gnome-look, or just toggle the channels in the Screenlet application)

Impulse will only work with PusleAusio


Impulse used python2 for everything.
Screenlet version requires:

I've only tested the Screenlet version (read: this is not a separate version but Impulse is managed by Screenlet instead of you starting it up by running the python script).
It has a separated version for 32 and 64bit OS, download the correct version from gnome-look

To install it:
- Install all depencies
- Open Screenet
- "Install" Impulse by pointing to the zip containing the 32/64bit version
- Copy all the folders in the "Theme" map in the archive you've downloaded from this site and add them to the theme folder from Screenlet (e.g /home/[Username]/.screenlets/Impulse/themes)
- In Screenlets launch an insance
- Rightclick on the spectrum meter on your desktop en go to option (note: rightclicking misses a lot so you might have to tried many time) and go to the last tab where you can set the source
-> you should see moving bars now if you're playing music :D

You can drop an drag, change the skins ect... you will have to manually position the Impulse Instance and change the theme to the corresponding theme for the chosen conky config (just try the themes for
impulse). I've also added some extra themes i found online so show the possible power of Impulse.

Here are the coordinates for the Impulse instance which have been used in the screenshot.

    ConkyBarbanshee3 2
        - X pos: 1649
        - Y pos: 826

        - X pos: 1617
        - Y pos: 811

    ConkyBar 1
        - X pos: 6
        - Y pos: 926

    ConkyBar 2
        - X pos: 6
        - Y pos: 945

If you've not willing to tolerate the awkwardness of the Impulse Screenlet just ignore it and just use the conky skin which just works perfectly without the Screenlet (or any of its dependencies). You can ignore the Impulse folder completely :)
© 2013 - 2020 N00by4Ever
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Would you be able to put this under an open source / creative commons license so I can try and include it in openSUSE.

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Thanks for the awesome explanation for a noob like me. Looks awesome and runs great after some tinkering.
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I am having some problems while using, my external IP does not appear in the networks tab. I like him very much and would not want to stop using :(
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Hey - awesome work!

I had some bugs that I fixed so here is what I did (could not find another way to write you the fixes).
Problem: The network graph worked only for my ethernet interface
Reason: conky_parse takes a string and returns a string.
Fix: In net_graph.lua line 131 and 134 change the lines to compare the result of conky_parse with a string
-> if conky_parse("${if_existing /proc/net/route enp8s0}1${else}0${endif}") == "1" then
-> becomes
-> if conky_parse("${if_existing /proc/net/route enp8s0}1${else}0${endif}") == "1" then
and so on...
Problem: Network widget showed wrong image if wireless quality equals 100
Reason: String comarison: "100" is smaller than "99"
Fix: In conky_network config line 54 use integer/long comparisons (supported by conky)
-> ${if_match "${wireless_link_qual_perc wlp2s0}" < "66"}
-> becomes
-> ${if_match ${wireless_link_qual_perc wlp2s0} < 66}
and so force

(2) is the reason for your problem that the wrong volume icon is shown (if this is related to your banshee widget)
Fix: In conky_banshee line 57
-> ${if_match "${exec ~/.conky/ConkyBar/scripts/volume.sh}">"50"}
-> ${if_match ${exec ~/.conky/ConkyBar/scripts/volume.sh} > 50}

Hope this will help you and others. Thanks again for this great work!
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Thank you very much for the fixes! Bugfixes are always welcome :)  I will include them in the next release although i have no idea when that will be.
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Awesome ! Great work ! =) but no one graph dont work in my arch =(

conky: llua_load: /home/username/.conky/ConkyBar/lua/net_graph.lua:1: module 'cairo' not found:
    no field package.preload['cairo']
    no file '/usr/share/lua/5.3/cairo.lua'
    no file '/usr/share/lua/5.3/cairo/init.lua'
    no file '/usr/lib/lua/5.3/cairo.lua'
    no file '/usr/lib/lua/5.3/cairo/init.lua'
    no file './cairo.lua'
    no file './cairo/init.lua'
    no file '/usr/lib/conky/libcairo.so'
    no file '/usr/lib/lua/5.3/cairo.so'
    no file '/usr/lib/lua/5.3/loadall.so'
    no file './cairo.so'
conky: desktop window (400015) is subwindow of root window (96)
conky: window type - normal
conky: drawing to created window (0x1a00002)
conky: drawing to double buffer
conky: llua_do_call: function conky_main_graph execution failed: attempt to call a nil value

cairo and lua5.3 installed... wtf... I LOVE THIS CONKY!!!! HELP!!!!
N00by4Ever's avatar
I currently do not have any problems so i assume it is something on your end. I do not have the time to debug at the moment so i advice you to open a topic on a forum (eg. from your distro)
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Thank you for the awesome theme. I am modding it for my Linux Mint install on a Asus laptop. Once I am done, I can send you a screenshot if you like. I have figured out how to do most things manually, but I do have one question. How do I get it to display on the top center of the screen? Right now it displays mid to bottom center. Again, awesome work and thank you very much.
N00by4Ever's avatar
Glad you like it! You can play with these (in every config):
    alignment = 'bottom_left',
    minimum_height = 167,
    minimum_width = 1920,
to change the position. (the clock is a bit messy though)
ratking23's avatar
Thanks for the information. I adjusted it to where I needed it, and did some changes to fit my system. I do not use Banshee, I removed the Banshee panel and added a panel for my second hard drive instead. The only problem I am having is with the Lua graph for my secondary hard drive. It remains at zero no matter what I put into either config file. Other than that minor bug, it is working like a champ. Do I have your permission to post my edits, if I give you credit for the original work?
N00by4Ever's avatar
Sure post them wherever you want :)
ratking23's avatar
Thanks! I will let you know when I do it.
ratking23's avatar
Thank you again for your permission. I have posted my modification here: ratking23.deviantart.com/art/R…

Please let me know what you think!
N00by4Ever's avatar
Nice work, looks good :) A different touch!
dctoe's avatar
Great work!  Thanks for sharing your work and experience.  Conky can be difficult to start with, but with a little reading and help with the details like you did above, it's getting easier and easier. :clap:  :+fav:
N00by4Ever's avatar
Thanks! Glad to hear it is useful :) Here is also some more information if you would need to look something up: github.com/brndnmtthws/conky/w…
dctoe's avatar
I did find that.  Thanks!  Handy for everyone that comes through here.  Love Conky!  Although slightly intimidated by it, but I was the same way about Rainmeter until I figured out Lua a little.  Thanks for your help and sharing!  Have a great weekend!
N00by4Ever's avatar
I know how you feel, btw i came from Rainmeter too!
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To other N00bs.  Print the instructions above, as they can and will apply to other Conky scripts.  Make your own user manual and share it freely with others.  Then learn to make your own and share them.

I used to do that with Rainmeter for Windows.  Once you get the hang of it, it will almost be too easy for you, and you can share that knowledge with others.  It's time for us to truly bring Linux to the world!  (Climbs down off of soap box). :P
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Where can I get some help with this?  I am new with conky and have been using this one for awhile.  I have everything working on my system finally with the exception of the network portion.  The graph will always show the first spike/blip but never anything past that.
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I cheat a little and use a GUI called Conky Manager, developed by TeeJee.  teejeetech.in

It's great for keeping track of your themes and screenlets and also allows for quick reading and editing of the scripts.
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Did you update the network interface in the net_graph.lua file (both upload and download bar)? By default it is set to: wlp2s0 but depends on your system. Depending on your linux distro you can use (in your terminal) ifconfig or ip addr to find yours. Most likely it will look something like: enp8s0 and it is posisble you have multiple, you must pick the one where you internet cable is plugged in (or try both and see which one works).
You also need to change them in the network.conky file, if you have wifi you must replace the wlxxxx by yours and the enxxxx by your ethernets accordingly. If you don't have wifi you can ignore the wlxxxx one.

I must admit conky has no clean way of doing this. If you have further problems i advice you to ask your question here: forums.bunsenlabs.org/viewforu…, there are many users with great conky experience that can help you.
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Awesome work!
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