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Because of the mass shooting that happened in Florida i thought now was a good time to post this.…

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You wrote "instersex" instead of "intersex", just pointing that out ^^
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aww theres no genderfluid ^^'
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i forgot 2 put that 1 in.
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There's an abrosexual flag on this one… which by definition is the same thing.
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We can only hope that the shooting, at least, opened someone's eyes.
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What does this have to do with the events in Orlando? 
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I am agender. I know what trigender, cisgender, transgender, bigender, agender, and intersex mean. I don't know what pangender and demigender mean, though. I looked up "trigender" and I think I got what it meant (meaning you are boy, girl, and non-binary). I also looked up "pangender" and "demigender", but I didn't understand a single thing when I looked up "pangender". I also don't really get the difference between "demigender" and "bigender" though. Maybe "demigender" is half girl + half boy and bigender is when you're not a half, but you are just boy and girl.
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here's the definition to demi and pangender.
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Maybe it means you are non-binary, but you make parts of you be boy and girl, right? :D
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that's genderqueer.
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Oh, okay. Some of these words are hard to understand, though.
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