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Your Anime Zombie Apocalypse Team



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Use it if you like it, just remember to give me some credit ^^

That how big it can go srry

Also to make it fair

Your team must also follow these guidelines:

1.No overpowered characters. For example, one cannot have someone like Goku or Hulk on their team as he could simply kill all the zombies with generic ki blasts or super smash, defeating the purpose of this meme. (Also Immortality is also Over Power so no Dante from Devil May Cry or Alucard from Hellsing)

2. Be reasonable. Create a team that would actually be given somewhat of a challenge during a zombie apocalypse, in other worlds, make it interesting

The location is whatever you want it to be. The zombies are from the walking dead or Highschool of the Dead or any Zombie Flicks you want it to be.

If you want you can make a little story about your character you chosen.
So have fun ^^

Also It doesn't have to be all anime it could be your OC, yourself and friends, TV Shows, Ponies, Cartoons, Video Games and of course Anime.

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