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This idea came to me during the rumors that Retro was working on a Metroid / Star Fox crossover. Though they turned out to be false, I'd really like to see that idea brought to its logical conclusion. Get on it, Nintendo!
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I’m really surprise everyone hate this video game cartoon
i think people should give this a chance (if they want to) 
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Now that's how they should have looked like in the original cartoon!
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Thanks! I have an updated version here:…
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I saw it. Better than this one..
I would love Captain N in the next Smash Bros.
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Captain N was Smash Bros. before Smash Bros. was a game. The main thing working against him is that he's completely unknown outside the US, which doesn't bode well for a game developed in Japan.
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This makes a nice crossover!
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Pretty good, but donkey kong's mouth looks like a muppet
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And Kirby looks weird!
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"Muppet Mouth" was pretty common in the official Nintendo renders I used for reference.
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