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A Highly Caffinated Skelleton by N-Tempest, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Literature
  • Aug 16, 1989
  • United Kingdom
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My Bio
I love to get myself wrapped up in things. Usually my book ideas

Ok... about me: I am Natt.
AKA: Nathaniel, Natty or various other variations... and 'the guy who does the things'
I want to be an author. I love editing photos and making little 3d animations... But they're for fun.

Hobbies: Poi-poi, writing, drawing, cycking, Sci-fi movies, Xbox 360 gaming, PC gaming (mostly tower-defence games), animating, photo-editing, hanging around with my good friends and many many more fun activities i can't think of right now...

You may have found me using a little pseudonim called Leinahtan Tsepmet (if the sites are still up anywhere...) but who knows...
I have lots of ideas... but unfortunatley. I lack time...

The reason I haven't got as many stories written as i want to is because of motivation. when i run out of steam, i ask for peoples oppinions... and there's only so many "yeah. good stuff" and "nice work" I can take before i realise that's all i'm ever gonna get with it and am put off the idea.
To get into my good books: talk to me. i'm starved of attention and the details to my stories are far deeper than written.

Likes: Sci-fi, surreal, dystopias, mechanical limbs, strange creatures, aliens, ALIEN, deep caracter portrayal, complex storylines, detail, cartoons, sweets, spirits (drank neat often...), CG animation, anime, photomanipulation, metal, techno, gothic... there's a long list

dislikes: playground politics, rain, cold, bright lights, ignorance, stupidity, people judging, my job, my conditions and HEADLESS ZOMBIES in Oblivion... seriously... what's the point? it can't bite me, it can't see me, it sure as smeg can't see me and I CAN'T GET A HEADSHOT! man... not cool...

Working on learning more 3d things. I use DAZ, but i want to learn Vue, Blender and all sorts of things so i can make my own things...
The more interest shown in a story, the more i will add to it... it's not the best way but it's what gets me motivated...

Favourite Visual Artist
HR Geiger
Favourite Movies
Fight club, Rango, Wall-e, Krull, Starship Troopers, Space Truckers... various
Favourite TV Shows
Kingdom Hospital
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
My Dying Bride, Rammstein, VNV Nation, Cold, The Pretty Reckless...
Favourite Books
Fear nothing, Sieze the Night... so many others
Favourite Writers
Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Stephen King...
Favourite Games
oh... so freaking many... Earth Defence Force 2017 for a start...
Favourite Gaming Platform
360. best balance of the genres and perhipheries (PS3 is a blu-ray player that does games and the Wii pisses me off with the innacuraccy and limitations of the games)
Tools of the Trade
MS Word... DAZ from time to time... err... Paint? heh, Good ol Photoshop CS2...
Other Interests
Meeting other artists and earning my way through my tallents

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daaamn son.
I'd tap that lol
You're such a cutie!
why can't we live in the same country? that would save me so much trouble XD
why thank you m'dear :D
not looking too bad yourself there ;) even if my half-alter-ego gets all the love from you haha!