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Also known as N_RArts or nrarts

Everything is a work in progress.

Thank you for visiting :heart:

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  • Watching: You've Been Framed
Hello, and welcome to my page.

It's been a while since I posted my first Journal entry. So I thought it was about time that I created another entry, to tell you a bit more about this account. 

This is an account for (mostly) 3D art. 
I do intend for this to be(come) a(n) NSFW account (with the odd freebie - not necessarily NSFW). 
Then, at some point in the future (probably when I have more of those NSFW types of renders), I'll create a site or blog to show them off in all of their "glory" (I'm don't feel I'm worthy of a Patreon account).

I now have a 3D Printing Pen.
When I first tried the Pen, I burnt my fingers on the ceramic nib. My fingers have recovered, but I can't say the same about my ego (lol)
I'll also be posting 3D Printing Pen stuff there (SFW - of course. Unless I find out how to print a penis - lol). 

As for anything else, I've been doing quite a bit of rendering lately. It's mostly NSFW. But it's stuff that can't be posted here.

I've also been playing with Blender. Mostly with the Shrink wrap Modifier.
I converted a piece of clothing from XNALara for use with Genesis 3 Female. It's works fine with the base model, but when more morphs get added it just seems to explode. I may go back to working on it at some point in the future (i.e. learning how to add more faces to the mesh).
It's not just XNALara clothing. I've also been trying to use Blender for creating clothing for Genesis 3 Female. But I end up looking at what I've made and I just feel so disheartened...  So I end up closing Blender without saving... :(

At the end of March, I entered the Devious Dreams contest...  I wanted $450 for a Perpetual License for Marvelous Designer. I sorted and uploaded (pretty much) all of the designs that I had created with the trial of Marvelous Designer. Of course I didn't get anywhere. 
One of the reasons why I entered was because I read my horoscope for that week, and it was pretty positive. So I decided to give it a try... 
Deep down, I knew that it would be a pointless task. There's now an obvious reason as to why optimism and I just don't get on.
I've (now) gone back to saving for it. 
Finally, as I wrote in my last Journal entry, I do have another account. It's where I post stamps, literature and, a few other (older) renders.
If you want to check out my other account, you can find it here:


I have cleared it out on a couple of occasions, but this is some of the stuff that has survived:

(mostly from my "Haiku December - 2018")
Haiku December 14 - The FacadeThis smile isn't real
I'm tired of wearing a mask
Drained by my demons
  Haiku December 15 - I can't do this HaikuFeels like forever
I cry trying to write this
It still hurts like hell
  Haiku December 17 - FlightSoaring through the air
A wondrous ability
Ruler of the skies
  Haiku December 23 - HomeSomewhere warm and safe
Where I can block out the world
There's no place like home...
   Haiku December 36 - HeartbrokenWhat was love, is gone
We are worlds apart once more
My heart is broken
Haiku December 37 - InfluencesI spend my days scared
I wish the world would shut up
Intrusive thoughts rule


Mature Content

Pale Glow by VergilsBitch
  Momiji - Cycles Render by VergilsBitch  Fan Art Mashup Challenge by VergilsBitch  Golden Axe: Tyris Flare by VergilsBitch
Cycles: I heard something about a party... by VergilsBitch  Cycles test - DMC4 Alley by VergilsBitch

My odd attempt at Pixel Art:
Pixel Pear by VergilsBitch

Stamps - Stills and Animated (also rational, and not so rational):
Credo by VergilsBitch  Stamps (Sm): Gloria by VergilsBitch  Stamp: Blood Omen 2 - Nightshift by VergilsBitch  Pillar Vista Stamp by VergilsBitch  Kain is Thirsty by VergilsBitch  Sonic Stamp by VergilsBitch  Pikachu Stamp by VergilsBitch
Tribbles FTW by VergilsBitch  Data Stamp by VergilsBitch  Spot the Cat by VergilsBitch  Live Long and Prosper by VergilsBitch  Stamp (Sm): Twerking Chaser by VergilsBitch 
Stamp: Keep Calm and Devil Trigger Blue by VergilsBitch

Stamp: Castlevania Bloodlines : Elizabeth Bartley by VergilsBitch  Doctor Who Series 10 quote stamp by VergilsBitch  *Requested* Err... just no... by VergilsBitch
Jackpot stamp by VergilsBitch

Besides rendering, I love making stamps.
Haiku is something that I don't do very often, but I love the challenge of coming up with them. 
Pixel art is another one of my loves, but I don't think I'm that great at it, so it's something that I rarely do. The pixel pear was from DA's "Biting Pear of Salamanca" event. I just wish I had the time to animate it back then (I don't intend to go back to it now). 

If I'm honest, I want this account to be more "serious" (or "professional")  than my other account. 

So a bit about me:

I've been known as VergilsBitch for several years. But because some people found it a bit too embarrassing (especially when they were messaging or replying to a comment), I've been known as VeeBee (or VB) ever since.

I'm a massive cat lover. I have one. She's a mackerel tabby who likes to chat. :heart:

I'm a huge Devil May Cry fan and a COLOSSAL Vergil fan-girl (Dante's brother). I only play the first three games in the series.
I hate DMC4 (because of Nero), and have no intention of playing the newly released fifth game (mostly because of Nero).  
I also love the Legacy of Kain series, Tekken, Ridge Racer, Castlevania, Uncharted, Diablo III, Nier Automata, Bayonetta, Senran Kagura, Puchi Carat, Columns and lots of other gaming franchises. 
My favourite consoles are the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and PlayStation 2.

I'm a huge Star Trek fan. I love The Original Series. The Next Generation is second best. I haven't seen Discovery, and going by Facebook, maybe its a good thing that I haven't. 

Doctor Who is another great show. All who fans say that they have "their" Doctor (i.e. favourite). Mine is the Twelfth Doctor - Peter Capaldi. At times, I think he was let down by the writing and Jenna Coleman's backtracking over where she was leaving or not. 

I watch soap operas with my Mum, and I love quiz shows.
My favourite quiz show being The Chase.
Then there's The Crystal Maze. Mainly the 90's version. I can't stand that guy who does it now. Although being Maze Master (the person who presents the show, and leads the team around) was my dream job as a kid. 

Oh yeah, I love camera shows. You've Been Framed is my favourite. 
Food & Drink:
I don't have a favourite food. Chocolate is pretty good though :P
I love Pepsi, but I can't drink it anymore due to a sensitive stomach. So it's either Lilt or Lemonade. Milk is quite good too. 

I used to love drawing, but something happened on DA which killed my love for it.

I'm a football lover too. I support three teams (greedy or what! - lol). There's a local team. Then there's two London teams - Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers. 

Whoo! So there's a little more info about me.

I'm going to wrap this up as I've spent all evening writing this (and you've probably spent all evening reading it --lol - jk).

Thanks for reading.
black heart bullet:iconn-rarts:blue heart bullet  

P.S. You can call me either VeeBee or L. I'm not fussed.


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