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ork and dwarf prff

fanart. this game did not know him, I think the dwarf is a warrior Ork powerful and that's great.
but hey I have never played that game XP

greetings to all

Aaaah and I think I miss a finger, haha
but suppose that the dwarf ate it XD
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No big deal about the finger! :) So cool! Really dynamic! Pretty rare to see people take such hard stances! Awesome! :) 
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Don't matter how short a dwarven warrior is, it will NEVER be a small problem to deal with.
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Great work dude ;]
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Cool angle ;) One of the best Warhammer fanarts I've ever seen. Cheers!
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Beautiful work.
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Brilliant, great sense of motion and awesome composition! :D
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Impresionante, esta muy guapa la ilu. Me encanta la texturizacion y la gran cantidad de detalles que le has puesto :)
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It's not an Ork its half giant Ork in fact :o
A nice target for your giant massacrer ^^
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Kick ass, very nice
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That orc is HUGE! I still reckon the Dwarf slayer can take him!
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Outstanding work. Awesome
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I am sooo Favoriting this. :D
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That's awesome!
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Esta se va directo a mis favoritos¡¡
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I love the camera position! We can really feel the dwarf's will to kill!
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Bad-ass awesomeness
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This work totally kicks ass!
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Classic fight, really awesome detail.
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excelente nezt
como simpre
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