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Gust y gears dawnguard

work for Privateer Press
! Warmachine!
In the magazine "No Quarter"

Best Regards ;)
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How do they move their arms with those pauldrons?
Count-Vilanova's avatar
Beautifully rendered!
I love your lighting effects mixed with the dull hues!
thevampiredio's avatar
beautiful colors!!:D
binkibonsai's avatar
Stunning; i love how the flames reflect off the blades and armor.
Amazing work! Stunning! Greatness!
gdaybloke's avatar
Is it bad that I love this for the Vigilant more than for the Dawnguard?
binkibonsai's avatar
Yes it is; the Vigilant is Menoth's mockery of the fine jack that is the Devastator.
Mourkhayn's avatar
Impressive scene! Love how you treat the lights
javodelflow's avatar
genial!!!!!!!! me gusto!!!!!!
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i LOVE the protectorate of menoth! and your work for them is SO GOOD! Thank you for making such great pieces!
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So daaaam awesome work! Go Dawnguard Go!!!! I collect Retribution and I specially love Dawnguard!!!

You made great honouring art for Danwguard.
N-ossandon-Nezt's avatar
thank you very much
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Esta si que esta increible. Es mil veces superiro a casi todos los trabajos que veo para estas cartas. Felicitaciones.
Que bueno que trabajes para privateer. Yo mande porfolio pero nunca contestaron, ya veremos que pasa.
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um.... badass!!!
Mishelangello's avatar
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
Great blend between ancient, futuristic and steam punk. (I collected it there in the end after a bit of thinking :))
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Nezt!!! que te fumaste weón! está la raja master... Aquí aún esperamos el herculito.
Nos vemos
N-ossandon-Nezt's avatar
me fume uno power!!!!!!!
aquilaenlever's avatar
WoW!!! impresionante o.o
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