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Screw Tutorial for Dr. Stein

By N-Hyuman80

btw, this is what my most recent journal was talking about....

So this is actually my first tutorial, because, well, this is the first thing I've had to be worthy of making a tutorial for.

So. let me know if it's good, or bad, why it's bad, what could be better...

And if you like it, or need it, or know anyone who needs to make a screw or needs to make a NEW screw, please pass it on.

btw, I found the noisemaker at Party City, but it took me, like, MONTHS to find, apparently they're a seasonal thing in some places, so if you think ur gunna need'm, and see'm, get'm!

Criticism please!

NOTE: I found out that spackling and sanding the styrofoam is almost a better alternative to tape, since there would be no "seams" or anything like that. (although to be honest, I didn't do the spackling, so it didn't turn out all that well, but I have a bit of confidence that it'll turn out much better, as I'm intent on remaking the screw YET AGAIN)

Or using Insulation foam is good too. Much more sturdy. Still involves cutting, spackling and painting, but it's up to you XD
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deathbyglamour13's avatar
Where did you get the noisemaker??
N-Hyuman80's avatar
I got mine from Party City, but I found them online here(in case you're not close to a Party City, or they don't have them)-…
cronagoron's avatar
my old screw SUCKED ! Thanks for this, I bet it'll work/look better
N-Hyuman80's avatar
Hi! I've been using your tutorial (a bit loosely as of late) to build my fem!Stein for NYCC. I think I've hit a snag in the road, and was wondering if you could offer some guidance. 

I had a relatively hard time finding regular styrofoam discs, and ended up using the green styrofoam - used for floral arrangements. Digging out the foam and packing in the noisemaker went along as you instructed, and I used clay to cover the entire side of the styrofoam with it, as otherwise the side was very uneven. From there I sealed with mod podge, and painted the screw with acrylic. I followed your pipe instructions relatively to the letter, using a similar colored spray paint to achieve a "put together look." Unfortunately, my pvc was much too big around the noisemaker's handle, so I hot glued a marker to the handle, and then hot glued the pvc to the marker. 

Now here comes the hard part, while it seems relatively light, the screw is much too heavy for my headband. Each time I try to hot glue it, it comes off, or the headband begins to slip further and further left until the end of it is digging into the area behind my ear and the only way to avoid this is by glueing it obscenely high, to the point where it sits like a horn.

Do you have a recommendation for glueing it/layering pieces so this doesn't happen/evening out distribution of weight?

Much thanks. 
N-Hyuman80's avatar
First of all, I'm sorry for getting to this so late, I haven't been on in a while, and hope you have time to fix it before NYCC!

Anyway, I don't really know, based on you description, why you covered it in clay? Or used acrylic paint? I assume it was to make it look less obviously styrofoam, but each of those is heavy, and heavier combined.

I think you have to test this as you go, because I don't know the weight difference between the regular white and floral styrofoam stuff, because if that, with the noisemaker is too heavy on it's own, you're already stuck, so that's the first check.

Next, instead of using clay(I think I mentioned in the description), get sparkle. It's light(assuming you don't use too much) and easy to sand, so you can control the surface.

Then, if you feel like you need it, use a spray paint primer, that'll help give you a smooth surface, and will help with the next step, painting.

HOPEFULLY, all this stuff comes out lighter/ light enough. If not, take your headband and drill a small hole, then use a screw and screw the attaching side of the pvc(filled with clay, or whatever you use) to the headband, that will give you extra strength and pretty much make it stay on forever(just make sure whatever's in your PVC doesn't crack or loosen when you screw it in, you might need to combine adhering techniques, and to watch out for it falling lop-sided when you wear it) Also, if you can, make sure to counter-sink(look it up) your hole, so the screws head isn't digging into your head the whole time(or just cover it with something soft, I guess).

I think that's all I got. Maybe send me some pics or a vid or something, and I'll see if I can help further
KittenSneezikuns's avatar
Do you take commisions?
N-Hyuman80's avatar
It depends? Do you mean for the screw itself? Or for something else?
KittenSneezikuns's avatar
The screw itself, like if you made one and shipped it to me and I paid for it.
N-Hyuman80's avatar
Uh... I've never done it before, but there's a first time for everything, I guess? 

I'd need to know where your from, then I'll have to find out the price of materials and shipping and stuff before I can give you an estimate. I'd probably also need some money in advance, since I have like, no money.
ChibiNekoCosplay's avatar
This is awesome I had some idea of how to make it- but this was great to follow--- My screw head is already almost finished- but rather than tape- I layered craft foam- now to get some pvc piping >:3
N-Hyuman80's avatar
Glad you like it ^^
FacelessGreen's avatar
Awesome.  But do you know a way to make it crank without a noisemaker?
N-Hyuman80's avatar
I haven't really thought of one since I already have one... maybe if you found something like a gas cap, you know how when it's tightened enough it clicks when you turn it? Something like that maybe (just the first thing off the top of my head)

Oh, Oh! Or maybe a medicine bottle, one with a childproof cap? Just cut the bottle so it's flush with the cap, then attatch either the cap to the screw or screwhead, and then vice-verse?
FacelessGreen's avatar
Thank you! Now I know what I'm doing for Halloween.
N-Hyuman80's avatar
Hope it comes out good ^^
maevezz11's avatar
this is an amazing tutorial, I'm working on a female stein cosplay, so this is great!! I already have the labcoat and I decided to cut is up and sew it back again to get a realistic look so this will be my next project!! ^^
N-Hyuman80's avatar
Awesome! I hope it turns out as good as you want.
maevezz11's avatar
right now i'm working on making death scythe it looks promising!!
N-Hyuman80's avatar
Cool! I gotta make one of those too, eventually...
SnakeAlchemist's avatar
so wait... where else is it possible to get the noise maker? what exactly is this type of noise maker called?
N-Hyuman80's avatar
First off, sorry for the late reply, haven't been on in a loong while

Second, I'm not really sure where to get them(unless your on O'ahu -_-). Basically I just went to Party City, but I'm sure similar stores have them.

I've seen them just called noise makers, and football clackers, but usually I have to describe what I'm talking about to one of the salespeople, so maybe bring a pic with you?

Sorry I'm not very helpful, I live in a very small world xD
SnakeAlchemist's avatar
it's cool... i went to party city and found one. i had to ask 2 different people though x3 and it was too big so i had to "dissect" it with my "scalpel" -exacto knifes are amazing xD- thanks for replying though ^^
OnsenMarkX's avatar
Yeah, Party City has them, but they might be hard to find.
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