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MSI Afterburner Skin: Dark Theme

Custom skin for MSI Afterburner. 
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good and simple skin...


I love you for this skin..

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Excellent skin, finally I've found something remotely resembling a native Win32 GUI.
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Excellent work with this theme! Now my gpu title looks copacetic in that beautiful font...thank you so very much for sharing!
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The most 2018 theme! Great one, thanks! 
I'd love it if the current temperature and frequencies were also available.

EDIT: Sorry, posted this in the wrong theme.
Hey man, this great stuff.

Is there anyway you could upload the alternate afterburner logo you made to use as an icon? 
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These are great, man. Downloaded this one and your Riva one as well. Cheers!
Great skin, exactly what I've been looking for, simple and functional
Thanks! Love the aesthetic. I really dislike the gamur design skins. 
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wow finally a really good simplistic skin. everyone always tries to make this ridiculous dragon flaming shit. All i want is a basic, good looking layout and this provides just that. Fantastic job man. Also your rivatuner skin is top notch as well! 
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