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Welcome To My World

Dream on...that's what I keep telling myself for a week now. Maybe I'll actually get to build a house like that one day, who knows? haha

It was done in almost 4 hours, starting pretty much as a speed painting and, well, got finished at 3 a.m so...yeah, it didn't end up as a speed painting and yeah, please excuse the random strokes :XD: I was quite tired. Hope you like it though

Thank you for watching :heart:
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Lovely work! The siluette is the foreground really sets this apart
This is some incredible work, I would love to have a canvas of this.
Just found this, Amazing.
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This is amazing work! Great job :D
Love this one excellent
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wow! you are very talanted
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such a wonderful place to live
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You don't know how badly I want this place to exist! :blush: I'd never leave!

Your scenery pieces are just too delicious to pass up! :heart:
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Hm... tell me about it :grump:
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This is gorgeous<33
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gorgeous work! :nod:
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you're absolutely welcome :)
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Really nice, I love how incredibly tall you've make this one, almost to the brink of too tall. But just almost ;). It's a clever way to accentuate height in this case. But I also very much like the image itself, very soothing and pictoresque.
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Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. It represents a soothing place to find myself into as well. I'm really starting to believe that we paint ourselves or our characters, to be more precise, in everything we do.

Sorry for my late reply, I haven't been that active on dA lately.
What software did you use to color?
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Photoshop CS5 :)
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