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Finally got around to finishing this up :iconhurrayplz:. Spent about a week on it mostly because I wanted to learn how to paint real, or close to, chrome rims and stuff, but also because of the insane amount of details (:cough: I do suggest you zoom in a bit - there are some areas where, due to the relatively small size of the image, I had to paint with a 1px brush). So, yeah... it would be great knowing that you've spent a minute looking through the picture for the things you like. Your pleasure is my pleasure, my older watchers should know that by now.

I know some things are probably not right. The wheels, for one, have been a real pain. Perspective in general is :rofl:, but, well, that's another story. If you do see something that is blatantly wrong do tell, please. I would really love to hear what you guys think of the car. Other than that, I tried to keep everything consistent, painting the almost same exact scenery in each of the reflections, applying some texture here and there to give a more 'used' feel to it, make it a bit aggressive, a bit rusty and give it an overall badass look.

References? Lots. Learned a lot in the process, however, I haven't used any images or parts of images for the creation of this.

Now, I just hope I'll be able to keep working and uploading stuff here. I know I've been lousy lately, but I've had my reasons for it. Unfortunately, life's not always about what you like. It's easy to understand how things get in the way.

Anyway, done with the chatting. I just wanted to get back to everyone for supporting me for so long and for not losing hope. It has helped me tremendously over this blank period of time.

As always, mucho :heart:. Thank you for watching!
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Great job! love it :)
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This is amazing work! needs more views! :)
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I say awesome work! One could start a heap o'trouble with this ride.
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Thank you. Would love to see it brought to life :)
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