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Forever Darkness|Book Cover

"The Tectum is a galaxy seething with threats. From the dark forces of the Kraal to the technolocally-enhanced might of the Paladin and Scivett; danger emerges in many forms. Peace is a concept long forgotten to the universe, consigned to distant memory. There is no light. There is no hope. All that awaits is... FOREVER DARKNESS."

Commissioned book cover for Darcy Campbell ~novelist888 for his book "Forever Darkness" - [link]

Hope you like it.

As always thank you for watching :heart:
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WOW! This is so awesome! .wow:
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Thanks, Eric :D Glad you like it
wht does the book treat exactly?, btw great art
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Other than what I wrote in the description of this cover, I've honestly no idea. And thank you, I appreciate it :)
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thanks for the fave, dude this is sick!!!!!!!!! best I have seen in the last couple days. how long did it take???
N-Deed's avatar
My pleasure, Jason, and thank you. I believe this one took about 8-10 hours, can't say for certain though.
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I do hope you're right in saying that :)
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O_________O -bows down to you- this is freaking amazing! ._.
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"Stand up, young warrior! There's no need to bow to anyone."

(2012, Razvan the 4th)
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xD haha amen to that but seriously you are really talented!
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Heh, thanks, what can I say? ;P
SilentAsTheSky's avatar
amen keep em comin!
V0LK3R9's avatar
Sweet, can we have a short plot summary?
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Thank you. I'll have to talk to the author about that. If given permission, I will post it in the description and let you know via a comment or note.
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Impressive, I really like this art!
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Thank you, I'm really glad you like it!
HeadBrushProject's avatar
That's it!!! Love it!!
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Thanks, dude. I appreciate it :)
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