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Commission: Othor Warrior

Comission for [link] - comissioned by :iconnovelist888:

Here's another sweet, green, adorable thing for ya :D Just got approved by the client :giggle:

The commission details were as follows: create a tall and generally massive amphibian humanoid character around 2m height and 100 kilograms weight. The Othor warrior would be fully-covered in armour of triangle-shaped steel scales (not big, not small); his head would be partially covered by the lower part of the helmet which goes over his mouth. Skin is smooth and forest green, eyes are yellow, no hair or ears - holes instead of those. Wields bad-ass long-range futuristic weapon. White background again.

Phew :phew: Man, that was a lot of typing. As always, thank you for watching :heart: I hope you like it
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those puppy eyes should rather be covered by a badass helmet
RaysGallery's avatar
awesome armor concept.
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Ty :) It gave me lots of headaches 'till I got the concept right
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P.s. I love the plated Armor, and yes a very badass rifle there!
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Daaaiuum, i wonder what magnifacent creature or landscape you will have next!
N-Deed's avatar
What a coincidence, I actually wonder the same! :rofl:
Lord-Kothless's avatar
The armor and gun are spectacular.
N-Deed's avatar
Loved working on that armour :iconhurrhurrplz:
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:iconblushinghardplz: You're alive! :manhug:
DiamonEyes's avatar
HELLLOOOOOOO SIR! :icongentlemanplz:
FoldedWilderness's avatar
I like the mix between the futuristic weapon and the medieval-looking armor.

The only critique I might have is that the top "ring" around his head could have been a bit wider, it looks kinda constricting.

But that's a small point, since it's an overall kickass character, great job!
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Thank you for the critique! I do now realize the head piece was indeed a little too fit, I really couldn't think of any other design given that the request for the armour and the weapon was rather uncommon and I had to fiddle around the concept quite a lot 'till I got it right.
Arabascan's avatar
Somehow, this one reminds me of the ogres of Deus Ex 3. The colours of the armor are similar.
N-Deed's avatar
I always said I'll have to play that game someday :eager:
Arabascan's avatar
I just can highly recommend it, dear sir. ^-^
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