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Tutorial for Scratches [triggering content]



TW: Anyone that can not take any sort of gore/wound/blood should not look at this deviation.
If you have dealt with self harm I also advice you not to look at this deviation.
In the end you make your own decisions.

I notice that people tend to draw wounds and scratches bleeding very heavily (and this could happen, sure.. but most of the time other stuff happens! : D)
I will talk about bleeding more in the next tutorial which will be about cuts. This one is just for scratches~

I happen to know a lot about wounds and I thought: why not use this knowledge to teach others something??
Wounds are as varied as humans, and so is skin colour. don't be afraid to mix around with other colours.
There is a lot of browns and reds in wounds. (Green and yellow if a wound get's infected)

It's important to remember that a colour never consists of just that colour. It will always be a mixture of different hue's and saturation.
If you're not sure which colours you should use just try some out, you will see if it does not work and you can just press ctrl z. Just try until you're pleased.

Everything is drawn in 'mypaint' which is a free program that takes only a minute to install.

Other Tutorials featuring skin damage:
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