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Where's the Key Alice

Sequel to:
Which Way Alice

This is a photomanipulation, which, were I much better at painting with a brush and a canvas, I would have love to do by hand (but alas, I am not good at all with a brush, lack the patience and skill to do it by hand, and do not think a finelined version would be worthy, thus, I went to my trusty laptop, opened up photoshop and decided to go from there).  Although I called this 'Where's the Key Alice' this one isn't really an 'Alice in Wonderland' scene.  But rather, it's based on the idea of Alice in Wonderland, and grew to be something else entirely.  I was randomly inspired to do this.  

Don't know how many hours went into this photomanipulation this time.  But I just had the urge to do it!  Whereas in 'Which Way Alice', the girl - presumably Alice - is deciding on which way to go.  In this one, originally conceptualised as 'The Secret Garden', 'Alice' has just entered the Secret Garden and must find the 'Key'.   However, to go forward, she is once again faced with decision.  This time though, it's not just about which way is better than the other, but rather, how does one work their way through the obstacles placed before them?   There is a hint that this is a fae land, and thus, Alice should be even more careful.  There are fae around, of all different sizes.  From afar, things seem normal, but what if Alice comes face to face with one?  But mostly, what is the girl at the end of the paths doing there? Death lingers waiting.  And a faery is holding onto the key.  So Alice, where is the Key?  And how will you get it?

Maybe I should have made this scene darker, like my other one, but I felt that it needed to be bright to hide the potentially unfriendly characters within the pic - all of whom, look innocent.

I had a thought of making this available as a print, but as I've never before wanted something printed, I don't know.  But maybe, if I get enough views, I seek out the necessary permissions and make this available as a print (along with the other one, Which way Alice).  As for now!  This has been made as a 1366x768 sized wallpaper (and of which is currently set as my laptop wallpaper, as I've mentioned previously, I love being able to make my own wallpapers and really loving them too).  Hmm I'd actually love to have this as a jigsaw puzzle lol.  Maybe one day, for my kids if I ever have any! Haha.

Of course, I could still improve on this!  But this is only the second time I've done something so detailed in terms of photomanipulation.  I never thought I could, but well! (hmm I might have to edit this so that the Lamp Post is bigger, but essentially, what's written on the Lamp Post is:  "Welcome to the Secret Garden", "warning", "Home", "Land of Extreme Fantasy", "Tie Your Brain Up", and "If Lost: call the Fae".

Credits: (This couldn't have been done without these beautiful, magnificent resources!)

Model (Alice):
HERE by Kechake-stock
Model (Key Faery): HERE by faestock
Model (Death): HERE by magikstock
Model (Crystal Faery): HERE by Lisajen-stock
Model (Little Princess in the background): HERE by BirdsistersStock
Stone Angel 1:
 HERE by Malleni-Stock
Stone Angel 2:
 HERE by Malleni-Stock
Stone Angel 3:
 HERE by Malleni-Stock
Foreground (Floating island):
 HERE by Moonglowlilly
Foreground (Platform) : HERE by Moonglowlilly
Foreground (Archway) : HERE by BrokenWing3dStock
Foreground (Lamp Post) : HERE by kuschelirmel-stock
Foreground (Lamp Post Sign) 
: HERE by DoloresMinette
Foreground (Land inside archway): HERE by LuDa-Stock
Foreground (Waterfall base):
 HERE by prints-of-stock
Foreground (Tall Grass): HERE by zememz
Foreground (Ivy): HERE by mysticmorning
Foreground (Lizard): HERE by Momotte2stocks
Background (waterfall) :
 HERE by Malleni-Stock
Background (Balcony):
 HERE by BrokenWing3dStock
Background (Stone steps):
 HERE by Inadesign-Stock
Background (Tree): HERE by mysticmorning
Background (Another tree): HERE by GoblinStock
Background (Bridge): HERE by fa-stock
Background (Bamboo part 1): HERE by chamberstock
Background (Bamboo part 2): HERE by Not4Lovers
Background (Japanese House): HERE by AreteStock
Background (Waterfall):
 HERE by Momotte2stocks
Background (Grassy-moss covered wall): HERE by D-O-R-I-A-N
Background (Mushroom wall fungi): HERE by Malleni-Stock
Middleground (Pond/waterfall part 1): HERE by FairieGoodMother
Middleground (Pond/waterfall part 2):
 HERE by FairieGoodMother
Middleground (Pond/waterfall part 3): HERE by Eirian-stock
Middleground (Pond/waterfall part 4): HERE by FairieGoodMother
Middleground (Extra shrubbery): HERE by HermitCrabStock
Middleground (Large Waterfall part 1):
 HERE by Ladydragontl-Stock
Middleground (Large Waterfall part 2): HERE by Ladydragontl-Stock
Middleground (Large Waterfall part 3): HERE by raindroppe
Middleground (Large Waterfall part 4): HERE by Ladydragontl-Stock
Middleground (Miniature kingdom): HERE by FairieGoodMother
Middleground (Stone steps and shrubbery): HERE by Ghost-Stock
Middleground (Stone steps and pond): HERE by Alienesse-Stock
Middleground (Lamp Posts):
 HERE by E-DinaPhotoArt
Middleground (Stepping stones): HERE by zememz
Faery Wings 1: HERE by frozenstocks
Crystal (Middleground, the faery): HERE by Enchantedgal-Stock
Faery Wings 2: HERE by Meltys-stock
Light brushes: HERE by redheadstock
Butterfly brushes:
 HERE by redheadstock
 HERE by simfonic
Hair Stock: HERE by CindysArt
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this is so so so pretty, see I wish I was better at photoshop so I could do these kinds of things XD
N-arteest's avatar
Awww thanks so much!!  
Not too good with Photoshop? O.o I don't believe you!! :O
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aha I know I know, I just feel like there's so much I don't know yet on there you know? so I'm sort of self doubting my computer abilities lately. I feel like everything I do is the same on there :P
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True, one step at a time! Maybe you'll give it a go later on :p haha you might just need a little inspiration for digital stuff?
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I probably will no doubt. Uni will probably teach me a lot
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;) undoubtedly uni will.  You learn so much there.  So Much.
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