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Pencil Brush by Nari 2nd EDITION

Just an another brush set for Photoshop.

Edit 18/01/2014
============NEW EDITED!!=========================

Edit 25/07/2013
============COMPATIBLE ALSO WITH GIMP!==============

[Please don't ask me to make a PTSAI version, they are two different brush setting system, they can't be similar in either software and I don't know how it works in PTSAI]

============================HOW CAN I USE THEM IN PHOTOSHOP?=====================================

1) Just extract the zip file wherever you want to. 

2) Open your PS work.

3) Go to the selection of brushes with right-click or on the menu-bar to the top and click on the arrow to the right.

4) Click on "Open Brush..." and search your file, the brush will appear in the brush list.

(You can put them also in the "C: Program Files (x86)Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Brushes" folder and you'll find them in the standard brush list when you'll click on the arrow)

============================HOW CAN I USE THEM IN GIMP?==========================================

Thanks to :iconriku-gurl: for this update!

1) Just extract the .abr file of the ZIP in the folder "C: Program Files (x86)GIMP/Brushes"

2) Open your GIMP and it will works!.

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These don't work in GIMP anymore (v2.10). But it looks like a lot of people got to enjoy using them, so thank you for sharing! ^-^

Thank you for the wonderful briush set!! I made this with your brushes!!

Giraffe - Pencil brush PS
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Thank you! Will try these!

downloaded and found only 1 square brush..?

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Thank u this is so useful!

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Thanks for sharing :D

Thank you very much!

rhx for the brushes uwu

it did not appear on my photoshop :( ive searched it everywhere

Just an another brush set for Photoshop.

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By the way, such a wonderful pieces you have arund here! <3<3<3

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Thanks a lot! very usefuul brushes!!!

thank you!! ~_~

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For some reason my laptop isn't allowing me to download the brush :c Am I supposed to hit the download button or am I supposed to do something else?

thank you this brush make me happy :D

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