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Ring World

This Dystopian Ringworld was inspired by a Competition in the Cartographers Guild
The Basic Idea is that Humanity living on the Once abitable planet was forced to build a new Home in space because of a Cataclysm that hit the homeworld.
This lead to the Creation of Orbis ( meaning both Ring and World in Latin ) , a Huge megastructure Ring World .
Due to its size its more like a Stanford Torus than a ringworld. I used that name couse its effectively describing the structure.
And no I haven't read the books about Ringworld.

Name: Esperia Orbis
Type : Orbis ( Ringworld )
Internal Radius : 32 Km
Angular Velocity : 0.167  Rotations/minute
Tangential Velocity : 560.758 m/sec
Centripetal Acceleration: 1 g
Location : Planet–Moon L5 Lagrangian point
Total mass: 188 million tons (including radiation shield (95%), habitat, and atmosphere)
Diameter: 64 Km
Circumference: 200,96 Km
Habitation antiradiation glass tube diameter thickness: 130 m (430 ft)
Radiation shield: 1.7 meters thick raw lunar soil
Terrain Area Surface : 2009,6 Km^2
Radial terrain diameter : 10 Km
Highest peak : 2000 m
Lowest Peak underwater : 500 m

Trivia On Making of:

There are flocks and Herds hidden in the map.
There are no manmade structures visible
There is a little Reflection of the opposite side of the Ring on the sea based on The Italian Peninsula , barely visible if even .
Geographical Features were taken from New Zealand, Caribbean Islands, Seljalandsfoss in Iceland for the Waterfall and Alaska clouds Green landscape mountain nature river Snowy Peak Spring Valleym the Highest mountain Peak is from Alps In Italy.
The Little Spaceships are from my previously made Eva Pods for the Albatross Spaceship.

Softwares used :

3dsmax for basic Ringworld structure
Keyshot for Basic Single Element rendering
Photoshop for Photomanipulation , Texturing, composition and everything else.
Grand Designer for The Planet and the moon.
Google Earth for Maps and images.

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Mhm no problems!

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"When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty? Paralyzed? Dumbstruck?

Yet the humans were able to evade your ships, land on the Sacred Ring, and desecrate it with their filthy footsteps!!!"

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gorgeous details

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Would it be alright if I used this as a wallpaper?

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Intresting concept
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First: impressive picture and work and serious calculations all over, bravo for that.

Then: I'm a rotational gravity enthousiast too but something bothers me in such "one-big-enclosed-BUT-open space" constructions: even incredibly heavy, such structures don't have enough mass to produce enough gravitational pull to synchronise athmosphere and surface - moreover: the center of mass of such a structure is on its center, not on its edges - resulting in a crazy wind when you step outside of the enclosed spaces.
560 m/s is more than 2000 km/h, even with frictions it is more than a permanent hurricane...

I'm still looking for a definite scientific answer on that point: in such a rotating system in a free-fall environment, would the gazes, which are not in direct contact with the moving structure, also be subject to the centrifugal effect?
I mean, when you're on one of those rides in a fairground, you do feel the air's not moving as fast as you are, and you hair is dragging behind you in the direction of the rotation. And in a washing machine, the clothes are washed because they move faster than the water and that reproduces the friction of human hands on said clothes when you wash them manually... I just wiki-checked and they say the effect is proportional to the mass of objects... Not a good sign for ring worlds.

If you have the answer, I'm all ears :) I love big torus stations and O'Neil cylinders, but for now I had to turn back toward heavily partitioned structures, same principle but no "outdoors" spaces. I so wish someone would tell me (and prove) otherwise...
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But I have no answer, I think you might want to ask to some Astrophysicist :) ...
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Where's a good scientist when you need one? =P (Razz) 

Asking about that wind problem, I feel like those 19th century guys who were afraid of choking in tunnels during train trips ( if I'm wrong )... and spoiling everyone else's fun if I'm right. 
Another 'fun' detail in a ring world: great bodies of water would have a curved and angled surface in respect to the 'ground' plane: curved toward the edges and lower at the center, with water accumulating at the opposite end of the rotation direction... You could have rivers flowing in the counter-rotational direction and climbing slopes, cool! And jumpsuit flying in some kind of wind tunnels... SPACE STATION JUMPSUIT FLYING by niceLK  (so this pic is only half-realistic... Poor guys would have trouble clinging to the fake rocks.)
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I love the books and the idea of the ring world.
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Ring World by n-a-i-m-a  
Masterchief by JamToon   " This ring makes me really want to finish this fight. " :XD: :rofl:

:dance: Halo Theme Song Original My Dork Dance 
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But where is the flat world homie?
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the books are about discworld :) a bit different
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Really epic! How would one protect the "glass" if it is one against metorite hits?
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That's a breathtaking view !
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Super cool scientific fantasy :)
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Very cool and so creative!
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Great job on this Stefano :)
Clearly, this is a fan favorite. :nod: well deserved.
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