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Crystal War Film Poster

By mzx-90
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What a fantastic season finale! Two beautiful episode, i say. And fantastic various alternative futures!!
My favorite is the war against King Sombra!! :D
And i couldn't not do something. ;)

Then here comes a possible movie poster!! La la la la La la la la

Vector used:

Pinkie Pie:
Maud Pie:
Rainbow Dash:
King Sombra shadow:

EDIT: Wrong link for Rainbow Dash vector. Now corrected.

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Reminds me of Sonic Forces! Darkest of times, a villain seeking to conquer the world with only a few to face him... You get the idea, right?
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Oh... yeah!
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I'll give you a credit for using this on my cellphone.
Thanks for that. :D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks to you. Use it wherever you want. :D (Big Grin) 
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War Dash, War Pinkie and War Maud look so good <3
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My favorite Alternate Universe in the season finale, this would make a really great post-apocalyptic movie.
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Amazing poster! Great job!
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I'm actually tempted to create a game about this. The whole concept of displaying future tangents in the timeline in the finale was awesome. Also I love all the action and suspensive elements you have used in this poster. :D 
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Great poster! Very cool! :)
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A scene of Sombra addressing his troop:

Sombra: Crystals!

Soldiers: Crystals!

Sombra: Crystals, crystals, crystals!

Soldiers: CRYSTALS!

Sombra: Crystals, crystals, crystals, crystals--CRYSTAUGHLS!

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this is my favorite too, now i'm awaiting a fanfiction about this timeline, or maybe i can try to write it :p
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