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Sidecard Conky

- Simple, flat colored, material design inspired. Best coupled with simple or object focused wallpapers.
- Hour and minute time.
- RAM usage with percent amount and bar.
- CPU usage in percent and current CPU clock.
- ACPI temperature.

Needed conky version : 1.10 or up. (lua based conky script)
Needed font : Roboto and Roboto Light.
Edit alignment, gap_x and gap_y if needed.
Place .conkyrc and .conky-rc from the zip archive to your home folder (ex: /home/anisa)
Run conky from lancher or terminal.

color1 is for small text.
color2 is for big light text.
color3 is for bar color.
color4 is for bar overlay color, same as bar background color, so the bar is appear borderless.
Original .svg design from Inkscape are included, you can modify the background from that file, then export as .png with 395x472 size.

Enjoy! Feel free to leave some comment.
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Thanks for the voffset example!

Nice desktop, what are you using m8? How I can have the same customization?
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Im using conky for the top status bar, xfwm4 for the window. temanya uda ilang xddddd
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Thanks back ^_^
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may i ask, what this arch linux style / theme is? :)

and thats a really good looking design for conky.
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thank you <3
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awesome! flat style at its best!
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thanks m8 (Y)
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You're welcome my friend!
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Great idea. Love it.
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Beautiful, I must know which terminal emulator are you using
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I got a black color background with the default conkyrc.
so i commented       own_window_transparent = true, 
and uncommented
--own_window_argb_visual = true,
   --own_window_argb_value = 63,

then background becomes transparent but image color is changed!
any workaround for that??

even i'm having the same issue can you please tell me what you did to solve it ??

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conky version? distro? 
EDIT : i got same problem as you,  conky 1.10 on Arch Linux
check this…
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