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Not much to say. Will do my best to the best of my ability that my body will allow. Not having funds really reduces my chances with sewing and experimenting with new aka better art supplies. So let's see how creative I can be this year until my family gets back on our feet.

I have a new Wacom tablet, but it just doesn't feel he same since i've been away from one for over 4 months. I actually just got back to traditional and i've made more work in 2015 drawing on paper than in 2014 drawing digitally. So i will focus more on finalizing traditional pieces and cleaning them up digitally and prepping for my online store.

Take care everyone. Prayers and blessings to you and your yours!

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Some of my pics are not high res or clear enough to use as actual stock. But if you are able to use them as stock awesome. No need to credit, but a link back would be cool. I'll be uploading from the Shark Reef here in Las Vegas as well as desert, mountain and hiking trail pics. Also, clouds, beach, architecture from my trip to LA, NYC and Philly. Hope they are useful to you guys.
Firstly, attended Bigbang,s concert in my city, LAS VEGAS. OMMGOSSH I miss them soo much. It was super fun!! I still can't believe it happened!!

2ndly, i am still doing sewing commissions. It is a very slow process. I hope to get better over time, buit until I charge fairy low for my stuff so if you are interted check out my sewing/fashion folders.

3rdly, i had to return a Wacom Intuos pro.***UUGHH* It would not work on my computer no matter what program or settings I had it too. Oddly my Bamboo has decided to work again. It must be the original driver, b/c the installation disk was not working properly. I had to download it from a Japanese Wacom site and wow, it's working!! Thanks Japan!

4thly, i'll be setting up a youtube account to discuss being geek, introvert, hopeful designer, etc. I hope to show sewing tips too.
My tablet pen works when it wants to. Looks like my pen pressure is messed up. And it can't seem to function on high-resolution art. I own a Bamboo and would like the same one, but no luck on a trustworthy and affordable source. Brand new tablets are out of my range. Doing sewing commissions to pay for a new tablet.

Ladies if you are interested in skirts contact me and I'll give the details. I have 2 slots open for special $25 rate. Fabric selection will vary. USA preferred, but for international ladies contact me to discuss shipping. Plus size ladies contact me to discuss size! :) pictures. Need 2-3 weeks for construction due to fabric availability, but can totally be faster if I am able to purchase locally or have the fabric on hand that you like.
Full skirt by mzclark

Take care everyone!!
My online store and overall DA will be on hold or going very, very ,very slowly until I 
1. find a replacement pen for my tablet
2. have enough money to buy a new tablet
3. fix my current pen.

Some places are charging $50 to get a new pen. i might as well spend the extra $30 for a new tablet. My tablet is already acting funny and if it breaks, well there goes $50 for the pen. Hard to decide when I do not have the money to back it up. I am hoping Ai is unaffected by me pen's mishandling of pressure and movement. So far Sai, Inkscape and Gimp are useless to me.
Focusing more on fashion sewing and physical items. My art in general is not very popular, nor does it sale. many people want physical items they can hold. Digital art is cool, but it is slow to master and not making me any money that is very much needed to develop my apparel business. My skills are entry level to intermediate in both sewing and pattern construction, but i am doing my best to learn. I have limited funds for the proper materials so art commissions are open if anyone is interested. Message me here  please.

Take care!!
I have a Redbubble store and have a few things available for sale. If you love geek culture and things like anime, manga, Kpop, then this is for you:…

Please note I also go by Street Kitten on DA and elsewhere incase anyone thinks I am stealing from myself :D :D

Have a good day/night and take care!!
Activity will be slowing down a bit. Working on Bigbang and Kpop designs as well as developing fashion apparel designs for sewing. I won't be posting much sketches. Art theft is rampant these days so I am limiting how much I share. Word to the wise, photograph and scan your progress as you work. Not so say I have been  a victim, but I know too many people who have. Anywho, hope everyone is getting their projects done and doing awesome things!!
I've found an awesome POD printer for my clothes. Well graphic prints anyway.…
My redbubble store is still open but slow to update due to their limited print capabilities:…

As much as I want to keep using both sites i am having huge amounts of problems getting my images the right file size. PAOM requires no more than 20 mb, but so far my png is too big. I do not want to use jpg due to quality lost, but I may have to. I also want my designs anas complex and fun as possible, but so far it's not working with my art programs or computer.

I'll keep searching the net for solutions. I want my customers to receive the best product.

Enjoy your days!!
My first thought was to make a group the way i want. However, I do like the groups already here. Many have no activity.Sad fayse. Sad fayse. Sad fayse.  If anyone knows a large group that offers a variety of fashion styles and art please have them contact me here. My interests are broad:
anime/geek fashion, character design, Asian fashion, graphic design, artist collaboration, commissions, 3D modeling would be a few of my requirements

Here is my journal posting.…

Take care everyone!!
Feel free to leave your condolences on their website. Very sad. Prayers to the family:…
Omgosh I'm feeling very bad right now. RWBY fans, if you do not know, Monty was rushed to the hospital and is in critical care. No updates have been announced. The company has started a gofundme to help with medical costs if you are able to help out. If not please share. I will be donating to give my support. More infor can be found here:…

Love and prayers to the family.
Peep here!…

I'll add most designs to my account here since 95% of my watchers are here!

Thank you all for the continued support. I am open for collaboration. Just message me and let's see if we can create a project for ThreadStreet. Have your own online shop, link it to me! :D

My other DA:

Take care everyone!
Wanted to wait until I had more stuff, but this is a good chance to get feedback and make adjustments. So anime, geek, kpop, fashion, streetwear lovers check it out and stay tuned as I add more products over the next couple of weeks.
I am also up for collaborations. So if you have something that may fit with my ideas feel free to message me.

Store link:…

Take care everyone!
Thank you very much to all NEW watchers and favs!! I'm trying to catch up on everyone!! I really appreciate it! Specially for for anything that's weird or my Kpop//anime stuff. I'm trying to get better at drawing over all. I do not have a partner to help me out like most so everything is just well...dragging or not working out.

I am drawing more at work to keep up with all these ideas in my head for shirt designs. Most of what i'll be posting here are random sketches or digital work that's more like graphic design. I draw very slowly b/c I make a lot of mistakes or I have no clue what I wantSad dummy . For many digital works I get annoyed and move on to something different b/c i'm still not used to my tablet and not a pro at SAI. So for now I'll be posting WIP or commissions. It's going to vary b/c i want to draw from different things (anime, fashion, Kpop, streetwear, geek culture). So I apologize for the inconsistency and hope you enjoy what I post. 

Along with self-printing from home, I will be opening up a shop like Redbubble or zazzle. Until then you can find me at the following: (personal with sketches)  (wommenswear/anime/kpop/art) (menswear/streetwear/urban)  (personal)

Please take care!
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Christmas Carol Two :merry christmas: x-mas present Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday and you get what you wanted. Please have a safe NEW YEAR!!!Merry christmas everybody Christmas La Merry Christmas sign 
**I have limited funds to buy new equipment so if you know anyone interested in fashion commissions please send them to my page!**

Well my 3rd time printing is essenitally a disater even with my boyfriend helping me. For every problem I fix, a new one comes up(partly my fault). LOL. So i have to modify a few things. What sucks right now is I can not make the image very big. I may lose customers based on this issue, but what can i do? I'm essentially limited to female customers or guys who wear possibly a max large shirt. So far 11(maybe 11.5) inches is the max size i can possbily print. It looks good on anything large or smaller. Maybe I can inch by on an XL depending on the design.

My 3rd prints are heavily screwed up. Showing here are the only 2 that came out decent:
Shirts for the boss

Here is a concept i am working on for manga style shirts. Is that a good decriptive word? Many say anime as default, but since it's not an animation I figured manga is better since it's drawn. I don't have a copy of Ai so i'm hoping I can learn Inkscape and it give me good results. Here i was trying out Inkscape pen tool. I could not get it to change stroke size. Gotta review some tutorials
Love Big Beautiful Eyes

**I have limited funds to buy new equipment so if you know anyone interested in fashion commissions please send them to my page!**
I thought it'd be easier. Sadly it is not. i am on a limited budget to all the neessary supplies. If if only it would work correctly for a single job. I could start making money and put it towards professional machines. i hate to give up when i've baely started. I would like to take a screen printing class, but no money for that. I'll have to scour the interent for more help. i've already done about 4 months of research before I printed anything. My first screen didnt expose properly b/c I was lacking the tools. It printed corectly, but was not perfect. My 2nd screen exposed perfectly, but now I ca not get it to print right!! I do not want to give up so i wil wait a little bit to buy 1 more machine(flash dryer) and see what happens. wish me luck!!

Screen printing updtaes and personal posts here:

Fashion/art blogs:
ladies Street Kitten
gents ThreadStreet
Screen printing is going well enough for me that i am buying more supplies. My apparel company Street Kitten is getting closer to being a reality. My first test design is for my boyfriend. Very boring, but i learned a lot:

Detailed updates will be posted to StreetKitten

ALSO, a company Rhizome and DAZED magazine are starting an art grant for $10,000 and $5,000 for "net" artists". See here for information:…
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deadline July 31st. Digital drawing using AutoDesk Sketchbook Express(a free drawing app) More info here:…