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Note of passing away:

I want to, by this journal, give my condolences to the friends and watchers of :iconjotachaves: Jefferson Chaves, also known as Jota Chaves, who passed away on last friday.

Rest in Peace, great Jota.


Nota de Falecimento:
Queria meio que deste jornal prestar solidariedade aos amigos e watchers do :iconjotachaves: Jefferson Chaves, mais conhecido como Jota Chaves, que veio a falecer sexta-feira!

descanse em paz, grande Jota!


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I left DA 2 years ago and now when I I logged in, I find out about such a tragedy! I am completely shocked! :(
He was a very good friend and he seemed to be very cheerful person...
Rest In Peace Jota... :(
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This is such a shock :( Very sad to hear. Thankyou for letting me know. Jeff was a really great photographer and kind friend to many.
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He gave me tips to make macro shots ..
I loved his pictures.
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nossa, o Jota morreu.... meus pesames aos familiares, esteja com Deus meu amigo .....
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nooooooooo : (((((
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is this FOR REAL???
what happened??
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He was depressive but I don't expected a suicide, it's very sad, nobody expected for it!
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Wow for real?

I can't believe it.

Thanks for let me know.
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oh my God... I mean, he had told me he was depressed and everything but I tought he was improving! I even thought he was happy on his birthday... that was the last day I spoke to him..
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thank you for informing me about Jefferson. I am very sad to hear this tragic news.
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May he rest in peace.
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Oh! sorry to hear that.
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Esse nome não me é estranho...

Bom, de qualquer modo, vão as minhas condolências para todos os familiares e amigos dele.
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pois é, eu pensanva q tu era conhecido dele, o Bosco ja fez alguns desenhos para ele e tbm acho q faziam dança de salão juntos o Zuk coisa assim, a galera da faculdade ainda não acredita!
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Cara, como disse o nome não me é estranho. Mas conhecer pessoalmente, não consigo me lembrar se sim. Enfim, triste isso.
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não conheci o cara, mas eu sinto muito também.
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O.o´... Nossa... eu sinto muito...
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omg.. :( I used to make stuff for him

my condolences..
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Minhas condolências...
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