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MekaShadowlight's avatar

I bet she could kick Naruto's ass in a ramen contest lol

Aardvark1998's avatar
I've never seen anyone eat noodles with such gusto.
mr-bigmouth-502's avatar
I want some ramen now. :D
DoomRangerEX's avatar
Well done! Love the detail and coloring!
TheGasMaster4381's avatar
wow, I love how clean this is, and that lighting is beautiful. I think the blurred background is a really nice touch as well! you should be proud of this one, Kudos!
irwingreylord's avatar
this makes me hungry in a few ways
Animetrashgirl's avatar
RoguishBard's avatar
The adorableness factor is off the scale!
KuroNekoMusume's avatar
Oh my gosh I love Chun li <3
Delijz's avatar
Esta preciosa
Me encanta es mi favorito the street fighters!
SondowverDarKRose's avatar
she must love them noodles
Herasim's avatar
definitely must learn how to draw girls cute from you :D
HentaiProtagonist's avatar
This probably one of the cutest arts of chun-li i've ever seen.
Jonathan1890's avatar
I just want to poke her nose
thekilaa's avatar
one of my favorites ever
Nemesis753159's avatar
Ho-Ly-Smhous! Sad there's no 1920x1080 wallpaper of that :/
Morigalaxy's avatar
its so cuuuute!
Conker139's avatar
awww she so cute!! 
uncivillyemily's avatar
is this done in illustrator??
ChrisNext's avatar
I love the ramen too XDXD
ShoryukenFighter77's avatar
She's so beautiful! X3
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