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Sera Myu Nao Uranus

Drawn for fun. Thanks to I've become even more obsessed with the Sera Myu's. Much love for Sailor Moon musicals. :D

So here we have Nao Uranus, played my Nao Takagi. My FAVORITE Uranus. :D

Things aren't all correct. =__= It was my first attempt though. More Myu chibi's to come once I finish the requests.

The art work is my own and of course Sailor Uranus is that of the great Naoko Takeuchi. And Nao Takagi is that of her own self :D
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XD ZOMG. *lol* We so tried to watch some of a seramyu the other night? I died. I couldn't stop giggling. There was something strange about haruka dancing around. o.o; I really have intentions to finish watching it though. ^__^

This is really cute, regardless of my giggling issues.
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I love Sera Myu. And Nao Uranus and Yuhka Neptune are the sweetest couple in them. You really should watch it :D It's great.
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:O MYURANUS! The BEST Myuranus.

ADDFAV! :heart:
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Expect Yuhka Neptune too! >3 She has been requested :D

Thankies hon <3
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Well, she had BETTER be there. She's cool too! :D
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Yes she is. I love her. And I can actually pull her Neptune hair color off ;)
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