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Prince Demando

Again this was a request. Prince Demando, Sera Myu style. :P

The art work is my own and of course Prince Demando is that of the great Naoko Takeuchi.
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So cute!!! I love him!
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eeee so adorable faves!
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This is so unbearably cute! I adore Demando and he's just kawaiii as rendered here. Thank you for doing it! [link]
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This is adorable!
My favorite Myu character ever. (Favorite Myu actress too!)
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Love Hikari Ono and LOVE Demando!

I believe she's in the most resent Myu too. The one where the sensi go on an island trip or whatever. I could find it if ya wanted me to.
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Is he from the live action version of Sailor Moon too?
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Nah, he's from the R season of Sailor Moon I believe. ^__^ He's also in the musicals played by Hikari Ono. So cooool.
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was he at least cute in seramyu? o.o He's cute like this. ^.^
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"He," is very cute. Atleast I think lol. "He's" played by Hikari Ono, she's wonderful in the myus. She also play Taiki/Star Maker in the first stage. So hot :D lol And Vampiru. >3 I love her tooooo.
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