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Profile Egyptian Queen


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The Queen and her Minion


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The Bringer of Hope and Light: Chapter3 Part2

The Bringer of Hope and Light Chapter Three, The Journey to Sarret'Onta, part 2. A full day and night went by and they were now in open country; the grassy plains could be seen stretched for miles in all directions. Leetha felt too exposed; there was nothing to shelter them if agents of the Dark One came to find them, but this was the only way. Chian seemed so empty, like she had been abandoned… by her people… by hope. But Leia tried not to let the emptiness of the wild open fields affect her, instead she thought of how beautiful it was. The light green tall grass slowing moved in the breeze. To the north, way in the distant,


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Kida Pen Sketch


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Arwen - Six Fan Art Challenge

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Shieldmaiden of Rohan

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The Golden Lady, chapter3,prt1

Chapter 3, The Beginning of the Adventure part 1 Kaitlin walked into a dark room. It seemed very familiar, but it was hard to tell with no lights on to see. She felt the wall for a light switch, there was none. She tried to get her eyes more use to the darkness, but it didn't work. Being alone in the dark was not much to Kaitlin's liking. Maybe there was a lamp somewhere… she needed to turns some lights on. She moved forward. Not being able to see in front of her she slammed into a desk in the middle of the room. The pain from hitting it stopped her momentarily. She rubbed her leg. Then, from the darkness, she heard something. She quiet

The Golden Lady

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Sunset on the Ocean - commission


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Joti and Jamie


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Adliena and Essie

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Kida Pen Sketch

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Adliena and Essie

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Ankh Necklace1


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300 Drawing Prompt Challenge 7

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Kida WIP3


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