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Haven't done a digital piece in a long time. And discovered recently that my art tablet no longer worked, so I had to buy a new one. Nothing fancy, just needed something that works with a pen. Anyway, thought I'd try it out by coloring a sketch I did of a few characters from a story on working on. Nothing indepth. Very simple coloring, took a few hours. I was just trying to have fun(so don't look at the hands).

These characters are from a vampire story I'm writing, one of the only stories that actually set in modern time and in our universe... well, one with vampires lol I'm trying to do something a little different while playing with the common tropes you fond in vampire stories. From the far left you have Clarence who is a vampire, he's got an English accent, but his ethnic origins are mixed. He was turn in the Caribbean in the mid 1700s. He's described as very pretty and quite a flirt. I purposely chose the name Clarence because it's not particularly one you would associate with a scary, intimidating, vampire, and I imagine his accent being very posh. He's pretty much harmless, his biggest weapon is his charms and he knows it. He's a business man I just have to come up with what he actually does. 

The second guy on the far right is Niklas. He's much older than Clarence, but they are best friends. Niklas was turned in the medieval times somewhere in the Scandinavian countries, I still have to figure out exactly where I want him to come from.. I've played with the idea of Sweden and Finland... But I have to look more into and do more research. He's very much straight to the point kind of guy and his word is his bond. Not as flamboyant as Clarence but is definitely can be more scary, especially if you push him too far. He is the vice president of an old company that's been around for decades and is run by vampires(clarence also works for the same company). He's in charge of a lot of the dealings that happen over of the East coast of the US.

The woman is Amanda, this is where I start to play with things. Amanda is kind of like an extreme parody of the "every day girl"... or "basic". I threw a lot of my own insecurities in her, and it's something I think a lot of people would relate to. However, she's not you basic everyday girl. She's a rarity among humans, something that happens maybe once every generation. She has a condition that makes her blood undesirable to vampires. It kind of tastes like ash if they were to drink it. This also makes it so she doesn't smell like food around them. They can still sense her warmth and her heartbeat, but she would be easily over looked as food. This condition also has extreme side effects, meaning she's practically forgettable when it comes to regular people. She kind of doesn't exist on the same frequency as other humans. She was always over looked or ignored. People would forget they were having a conversation with her, while they were having the conversation. Her whole life she's had to fight to make herself relevant, literally. So her emotional health isn't all that great. She's cynical and slightly depressed. Doesn't have a high opinion of herself because she always thought she was worthless based on how other's treated her. She's very sarcastic and very curious however, so that kind of makes her strong willed. Because of her condition Niklas seeks her out(which was very hard to do) and hired her to be his personal assistant, because his last one was influence by other vampires, so he needed someone who would go unnoticed and is incapable of be hypnotized by other vampires. She ends up taking the job and is thrown into the world of vampires.... 

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sounds intriguing!!

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