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Snowboard design...

By Myunfelia
Finally got one of my schoolworks finished. :)

We had to design a feminine and a masculine snowboard. The left one is the feminine and the right one is the masculine..

This is the first (finished) picture that I've done with my new wacom tablet. :)
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Hi i was wondering if you have the dragon design for sale in high def? I would like to have it on a custom snowboard. It's for 180cm x 32cm.
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I found the original, will send you a note!
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I will check if I still have the original file, it was quite a while ago I made this, but I should have it somewhere.. I will send you a message when I find out!
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totally digging the black cat one it's totally up my alley.

The Black Cat ~ Shadow
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I don't know if this too late or anything, but would you mind if I was to use this on a board? It's a beauty.
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I wouldn't mind at all, it would be cool to se it. :D
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I love these! The black cat one in particular is so pleasing to the eyes...
Awesome, both the colours and the design are increadible! Hope you get a good mark with the project, you deserve it!
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Thanks, I did get the best mark from that course. :)
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very very beautiful work.
amazing sense of colors.
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Yks mulle ja yks sulle..niiiiissee! Me likes. Mahtava lohis..ja kisu kans. Tykkään väreist tosi paljo. ^^
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Kiva kuulla. :) Mä oon ite varsinkin tohon lohikäärmeeseen tyytyväinen. ^^
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whoa thats awesome
i love the detail of the dragon
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that's so cool ^^
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