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So i have been noticing that its a long time since i last saw the invader Zim series oAo"""
souuuu i chould watch it again and go on with my IZ Dohinshi ♥
and then when im flashed enough maybe cosplay it with Tasu <D

aaaand March 5th Tomb Raider Reborn will come out for PC <333
uhhh im so happy and so hard looking forward to it ♥
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I´m baaaack òAó/
be prepared!!!

hehe now i need a scanner for my pictures |D"
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Looking forward for the LBM =D

Saturday Shiho
and Sundays Sanji <333 with my lovely Group!
This will be really great =D
like every year ♥

and im thinking about more Art for my Account here =)
maybe i should put my Invader Zim Dojin in here ^^
nya maybe xD"
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Finally i will do more for my Account on Deviantart! ;DD
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