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Kinktober 2018 - 20 - Cell
By myturncoat   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: October 19, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 myturncoat

TawnyT actually applied for a volunteering job at the asylum, after her last visit with berseh (Kinktober 2018 - Surprise visit).
To prevent her from getting Crazy 00. Why should we refuse?
After all, she is taking care of the men that cannot leave the cell.

Day 20 of Kinktober 2018
Tawny parked her motorcycle next to the entrance.
Some quick, experienced moves to get her out of her armored clothing and she was ready.
Ready for her Friday afternoon volunteering.

She looked at her reflection in the window. Enough sexiness to get a smile on her face.
The hot, sterile smelling air, touched her face as she opened the door.

“Hi Dave. Can you keep this for me?”
She tossed the bag with her motor gear on the counter.

“Hey Tawny. Sure I can. Just don’t forget it on your way out.”
He chuckled.
“You heard about the recent cutbacks? They are sharing cells now. Would that be a problem?”

“Mmmm. It shouldn’t. But I can tell you when I get back.”
She walked further into the building. The empty office was waiting.
She locked the door at the same time the siren was audible throughout the building.

Slowly she undressed, while a stampede of people, most of them wearing orange coveralls, was over.
The lucky ones, they spend their weekends at home.
Some back markers, as usual, followed. Then there was silence.

She waved at Kinky, who, after waving back, left his seat and went to the restroom.
Tawny stepped backwards, using the momentum to get used to the cold metal.
She grabbed the bars above her and planted her feet firmly on the ground.

“How is your weekend, boys?”
Her sexy voice spoke the magic words.

She had no idea how many hands touched her body, fondling her breasts.
The more hands the better, she thought as she felt the first hand between her legs.
Someone grabbed her hair and pulled her head against the bars.
The sensation on her bum was new.
“Remember the rules boys, hands only.”

She recognized the hand playing her.
Not the fingers behind those; they were new, more intruding. But nevertheless welcome.
The rough handling of her breasts, squeezed by many, and the constant pinching of her nipples took its toll;
her body tensed and she increased her grip on the bars. Then the tidal wave hit her.

A few hands were still caressing her as she sat in front of the bars. Panting, post-enjoying.
From the corner of her eye, she saw Kinky return, curious glancing through the glass.
The perv!

She rose from the ground, still a bit shaky.
“Enjoy your weekend guys, see you next week.”
Walking towards the exit, showing Kinky her sexy wiggling butt.
Moving away from him.
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KittenNeedsHerDaddy's avatar
What a crazy-arousing and totally unexpected story! :yum:
myturncoat's avatar
myturncoatHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :) (Smile)
That's what the Kinktober challenge is for me. One image/story every day for the whole month, based on a given word.
Which does give unexpected results :D (Big Grin) 
KittenNeedsHerDaddy's avatar
You're welcome :) I added you to my watchlist and I look forward to reading/viewing more. This last one was very entertaining ;)
siriuswerke2's avatar
The story and the artwork fit so well together, much like a hand on a breast.
I was surprised though that Tawny was able to keep her glasses on through her 'entertainment' as there is no mention of them falling off, but I think that just proves what a talented trouper she is.
myturncoat's avatar
myturncoatHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Hat off

OC's have certain characteristics to make them 'OC's'
In Tawny's case the glasses.
Without them she would merely be a stunning blonde :D (Big Grin) 

But I agree with you no matter what; she is a talented trouper.
montycrusto's avatar
montycrusto Traditional Artist
So kind of her to give of herself so freely, I hope the gentlemen in the cell appreciate her properly..  wonderful idea mtc, I really love it! (I'd have added handcuffs on the lady though, of course, lol)
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow ... that was really intense ... so many hands ... Folks, I advise you to try that too. How about you MTC ... in a women's prison? Massage The Cock is announced^^ It is simply beautiful to do something good. To help the people to find the right way again. ... see you next Friday *waves*
typewriter17's avatar
Only TawnyT would find a volunteer job like that!
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you want me to help you find a job like this? ... of course in the women's prison^^
typewriter17's avatar
My old heart couldn't take it.

It can barely take you and Berseh showing up at my motel :happybounce: 
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
:blowkiss: :-)
TazLooking's avatar
I 'm not sure those guys appreciated what a special treat they were getting!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap 
There is that generous sharing spirit!!!!!Nod Nod Nod Nod 
bind4pleasure's avatar
Love me a twist - whether a nipple or a story - At first I felt sad for TawnyT 
but as stated by others it was a gift to the guys in orange & they returned the favor 
wonderful image and text MTC 
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your compassion, but I can reassure you ... no reason to worry ;-)
bind4pleasure's avatar
:o (Eek)    :happybounce:   guess then I'll just applaud you  Clap 
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
Ayano Tateyama (Bows) [V12] 
snicker1's avatar
original view thanks for sharing, very erotic
berseh's avatar
That was rather funny:bird: . It was not at all like I see and know herSqueek Hug Emoticon , but it also is:funnydance: . In fact she might have made a good actress. In this story she definitely is free from any role play: Shee just goes from one another of who she can be.
But the image is hilarious. I agree with :iconaletessa: about that queen being on top of things :D
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
You know I'm always available for volunteer work for charity. And in the end this is nothing else here. :kiss:
berseh's avatar
You are so generous of yourself my wonderful love queen!I Love You Emote :love: remake II 
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
According to the principle: Spread love wherever it is possible. :love: :kiss: :heart:
Aletessa's avatar
AletessaHobbyist Writer
It looks like complete peril when you see it in the notifications, but click on it and read the text, and TawnyT's on top of things just like always :).
TawnyT's avatar
TawnyTHobbyist Digital Artist
:-) :blowkiss:
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