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A team building can be done inside or outside of the workspace. In Internally team building, mostly manager or a team leader facilitates a series of meetings or activities at which employees will have the chance to get to know each other and develop organized working relationships. For externally team building usually done with a specified venue and physical and mind activities will be prepared.

The purpose of conducting a team building is for the group of individual employees to develop understanding between each other despite of their own differences, to work together interdependently and willingly to achieve the needs of their clients or customers by accomplishing their purposes and goals. 

Benefits of team building 

    1.    Strengthen Relationship – It is indeed helpful to have a team building within a group as it will be a good instrument to get to know each other well. Strenghtening the bonds and relationship towards others. 

    2.    Relieve Conflicts –With this activity , all misunderstandings, mistakes or confusion within the group will be able to resolve since it has the perfect timing to talk things out, understand each others through actions and concerns shown and will have the long patience for differences and weaknesses. 

    3.    Build Trust – Having trust with each other within the group will make the business more successful and the outcome is most efficient. Trust is vital in the business because it can help a team to achieve its goals or it can make a team to break apart also a team cannot survive if there is no trust with each others. As the sayings goes, no man is an island. Success can be achieve proficiently and efficiently with more than two heads working together. 

    4.    Mind Refresher – A team can perform better whe staffs are mentally healthy and motivated. Any mental health problem such as depression or stress and anxiety may lead to poor performance. Team building will be a great help to refresh minds and reboot from such unhealthy feelings. You will notice of energetic and vigorous ambience within the group after conducting a team building. 

Therefore, team building has a great impact and effects to each staffs to have a better performance in the organization. It will help each member to feel like they are family and working as one to achieve one goal. 

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