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What define a human being is their influence and motivation on other people. They say that comments have a very strong influence on human psychology, for this reason, staying with people who always make negative comments about your life can lover your self-esteem. Positive comments also have positive influence.

It is without a doubt that humanity depends on socialization for survival. They live because of the other. Even though some may deny this, but it is the truth. What other have done or achieved may motivate us to want to work towards achieving our own goals.

They say if you want to go fast you alone but for you go far you walk with others. But be cautions of the people you walk with. Optimistic people can help you because of the following.

[Inktober] Business as usual by DamaiMikaz

They see what you see.

One of the statements by Simon Arias suggests that a person’s future is determined by the people he hangs with today.  You can know where a person is heading from where he is standing. Positive thinking people will see what you with and will want to help you get there.

 If you are an entrepreneur and you are thinking of expanding your business, if you share the idea with the right people, they will definitely give you positive feedback and help you get there. They say birds of same feathers fly together. People with whom you share common interests will get you there.

They will advise you accordingly.

The right people will help you out with what might work and what might not work. If you are doing something wrong, they will not gossip behind your back, they will face you and tell you to your face if you are headed for doom. Negative people on the other hand will encourage you when they know you are headed for doom and discourage you when they feel you will succeed.

You don’t look at you today, they look at you tomorrow.

Positive people will not look at your present state nor your past mistakes, they focus on your future successes. They don’t judge based on what you did but what you intend to do. Negative people will bring your business down by reminding you of people who tried a failed or your past failure.

Optimistic people embrace success, if you are in the same group, you will see success from their perspective. 

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