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The internet can be referred to as a source of opportunities for the modern society. It was created for sharing information but it has done more than that. Come to think of it, there may be now single field in life that does not has a link with the internet. Socialization has taken the bigger part of internet sharing  but other fields still enjoy the vast opportunities that are offered on the internet too.

Until recently, it was thought that the development of the internet has reached its pick, yet we continue to see more and more technologies coming up to improve the internet. Blockchain technology is one of the areas that have improved the internet functionality. The technology has added security features that combine anonymity and privacy to secure online communication and transaction.

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E-commerce is the use of online medium to transact by buying or selling of goods. The whole process of marketing, identifying, making contact with the buyer and finally selling is an e-commerce process. E-commerce has been with us for a long time but it is anticipated to rise even higher with the introduction of cryptocurrency. This new currency has brought a new feature in the way online transactions are done and it it being talked of by almost everyone.

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized system of money that can be used mostly for online payment. Cryptocurrency was in 2008 with Bitcoin being the first of its kind. Learning about this currency is important any online business. Cours commerce, is an online course that can give you insights on the modern commerce methods.

E-commerce business

The following are businesses in which e-commerce is applicable;

Online websites

There are hundreds, if not thousands online retail shops on the internet today. These websites work in such a manner that they have set physical shops in some countries or preferred locations where products can be shipped to. They have an online platform on which good are displayed with prices set. A buyer joins the website, creates an account that has their details and connects using their credit cards or bank accounts. Payments are easily made by transferring money from the account of the buyer into the account of the seller. These transactions cannot be made without the knowledge of the person making the transaction.

Digital currency has made paying for goods on the internet cheaper, faster and better. With cryptocurrency, you do not need to get approval from the bank before making a deposit or a withdrawal.

It is so easy with the digital wallets in place. Online shops are the most common practice of e-commerce. They have become very reliable when it comes to delivering goods and making availability. With online shops, people no longer have to go queue at the mole to buy their favorite staff.

Opening an online shop is very easy. All you have to do is open a website, then get in partnership with manufactures or suppliers of certain goods. You can be doing sales and marketing businesses for them as you get paid. This is very well paying business. If you have your own goods, you can advertise them on your website by engaging social media platforms.

Online marketing places

You can engage in serving as a third party business to consumer or consumer to consumer sales. You can manage to do this participating in online market places. This basically works simply when you connect with a manufacturer to use your website as a link to consumer. This means the business will hire your websites to market their product and in return, you get paid. Apart from facilitating business consumer interaction, you can provide a platform for consumer to meet and share their experiences of the product you are selling.

Business to business

Business to business simply occurs when a company makes a commercial transaction with another. This occurs when a business is acquiring or sourcing material for their production. Example a furniture making company may need timber which can be provided by another company. This transaction can be completed and delivered online without a physical contact.

Business to business also occurs when a business needs another for improving their business operations. Take a scenario where a production company employs the services of an accountancy company for auditing.

The third scenario will be that a company sell, or resell good manufactured by another. Example one produces bread, and the avails it on the market.

Business to business is an advanced application of e-commerce than involves more parties than any other form.

Marketing via email

Emails are becoming less and less functional as a method for communication. However, they can be used by business to market directly to prospective and established customers. This can be seen more as a method for in reach than outreach. As an e-commerce method, it works all the same.


Research can be applied in e- commerce when gathering or using demographic data through websites or social media. There are a lot of researches being carried out everyday using the internet of physical methods. If it involves human beings, demographic data can be acquired easily using online platforms. Say you want to find out how many people use a certain method of online payment; in this case, you can find info using social media channels.

Online forex exchanges

Online trading and forex exchanges could be perhaps the largest way in which e-commerce is applied. With development in internet technology, it has become easier and safer to transact using online methods.  Forex exchange has been taking place in central places like banks of specific location where people go to trade manually. With e-commerce you can trade from anywhere.

The introduction of cryptocurrency has made online trading an even more productive business. Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency but there are many other coins referred to as altcoins or alternative coins. These coins can be exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges according to those that are selling the best.


E-commerce is becoming more and more popular in the business world. It is without a doubt that it may grow to be the only way of transaction as technology advance. Businesses that have embraced maximum use of internet have seen massive growth. Investing in e-commerce can give you financial freedom for a long time. 

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