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Nov 19 - Red Maple by Mythka
Crimson Queen by el-grimlock
This Strange Way of Dying by skdiesel
Leierkasten - Heydrich and his Dreams of Navy by hello-heydi
Kaiju: Yamata no Orochi by AcroSauroTaurus
Mama 1 by stillarebel
Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by LiitAlles
Armored Dragon Adopt [OPEN] by AffableDragon
Mystical Beasts
devils by LiitAlles
My OC : Aelious Gryphon form by Fenglingling43Hrs
Cockatrice by Evodolka
Amphisbaena by Bluegirl123456
Fair Folk
DTIYS Entry: Daisy Fairy! by BlueWyst
Afro Dark Elf by KryptnKnight
Swamp Lady by andressanchezart
Mighty Fine Clementine by BotC-Comic
Monstrous Humanoids
It Was A Rough Night by stillarebel
Swamp Hunk by MisterFeelgood
MirianaSarana - Fantasy - Humanoid Creature by MirianaSarana-MS
Giant berries by Bluegirl123456
Elementals and Natural Spirits
Elemental Keese by Bluegirl123456
Candle critters by Bluegirl123456
Goldleaf by Slave2Karma
Huitzi - OC Design (Avenging Angel) [Line]| by TheUnlimitedFortress
Demonic Beings
Damnation by MarquisAmon
Marduk The Pleaser by MisterFeelgood
INFERNO by nik-ivanov
Mila by Solaice
Celestial Beings
Raguel Angel Of Balance by MisterFeelgood
Otrera | Sleeping Beauty (Sketch) | [TM] by TheUnlimitedFortress
The return of the Flying Dutchman by Rui-Abel
Tesa Lykia | Heroic Champion | [Throwback Monday] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Merfolk and Seamonsters
The Mermaids Pet by nikisview
Siren Song by KryptnKnight
New Baxter mermaid family by Hedging
Mermaid [Lillee Jean Redraw] by GreenMach1ne
Ghouls: The Wise, the Mad and the Coward by MisterFeelgood
Gloom Specters by MisterFeelgood
Skeleturtle by Bluegirl123456
Vanitas of Emptyness by Destron23

Mature Content

Aengus, Gaelic God of Love, Youth, Beauty, Muse by diddles25
Tesa Lykia | Seething Rage | [TM] by TheUnlimitedFortress
The Pleiades by Master-Geass
Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep8 (literature) by LittleDevil-888



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might i suggest lowering the waiting timer from 1 picture a week to maybe 1 every 2 days
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Having trouble figuring out what folder to place some art in. I have a scene with centaurs and a gryphon in it. Where should it go?  Also are fauns, centaurs, harpys and pieces like this one Badass Puss in Boots ? by stillarebel  considered Monstrous Humanoids ?
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Bhishma / Kurukshetra / Mahabharata Comic / India by mahabharatagods  

Before writing the history of a lost age, the prophet Vyasa hears the final words of the great warrior Bhishma. What dark secrets are told in the story of Mahabharata?

Read the latest episode of the new graphic novel by Igor Baranko: Mahabharata Gods and Heroes.

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